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Past winners

Find out who won what at this years Hillingdon in Bloom.

2018 winners list

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2017 winners list

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2016 winners list

There were 60 entrants in the 11 Hillingdon in Bloom categories.

First place winners:

  • Best residential garden: Rita Maughan    
  • Best hanging basket: Jacqueline Jones    
  • Best first time entrant: Maureen Lacey                   
  • Roome Cup: Shan Baker   
  • Best window box: David Marriott                
  • Best display: Jean Pye        
  • Best balcony: Peter Mitchell  
  • Best school project: Yeading Infants and Nursery
  • Best bloomin' business: The Old Orchard, Harefield
  • Best street community: Cedars Drive 
  • Best community garden: The Chestnuts sheltered housing

2015 winners

  • Best first time entrant - Joint Winners: Charly Robb of Holly Gardens, West Drayton and Rita Maughan of Crowland Avenue, Hayes
  • Best front of residence - Thelma Trayner Iona of Jacks Lane, Harefield
  • Best residential street - Jim Bristow of Eastfields. Eastcote
  • Best school garden - Hayes Park Primary School
  • Best balcony display - Peter Mitchell of Clydesdale, Harefield
  • Best hanging basket - Eileen Richards of Haig Road, Hayes
  • Best window box - David Marriott of St Mary's Road, Hayes
  • Best restaurant - Daniel Redfern of The Old Orchard, Harefield
  • Best permanent display - Lyn Ronayne of Hercies Road, Uxbridge
  • Communal garden - Tina Shanmugam of The Chestnuts, Uxbridge
  • Best blooming pub - Daniel Redfern, of The Old Orchard, Harefield
  • Best business premises - Daniel Redfern, of The Old Orchard, Harefield
  • Roome Cup for conservation - Maureen Hyam of  North Road, West Drayton
  • Miscellaneous - Lynda Morrisey, St Martin's Parish Church yard
  • Best novelty front garden - Sibley Court, Uxbridge
  • Best front garden - Maria Hernadez-Humm of Bellevue Terrace, Harefield​

2014 winners

  • Best front garden - 1st Iona, Jacks Lane,  Thelma Trainer, 2nd 20 Triandra Way,Mohammad Rafique Qureshi, 3rd 30 St Peters Road, Pamela Percy
  • Best front of residence - 1st The Chestnuts, John Jones, 2nd Sibley Court,Gail Kennett, 3rd 1 Sanctuary Close, Wendy Rice-Morley
  • Best novelty front garden -  1st 96b West End Lane, Sally Webb, 2nd 75 Mount Park Road, Brenda Gardner, 3rd 22 Bushey Road,Morag Campbell
  • Best residential street - 1st St Mary's Road, David Marriott, 2nd Haven Close, Josephine Eckeben
  • Best window box - 1st The Stocks, 1 Glebe Avenue,Keith and Maureen Carey 2nd The Old Orchard,Daniel Redfern 3rd 74 St Mary's Road, David Marriott, 4th 78 St Mary's Road, Alan Ellingham
  • Best balcony display1st Clydesdale, Park Lane, Peter Mitchell 2nd 1 Sanctuary Close, Wendy Rice-Morley
  • Best permanent display1st 42 Ferndown, Margaret Lee 2nd 131 Hercies Road, Lynn Ronayne-Belhadj 3rd Michael Sobell House, Diane Stuckey
  • Communal garden -  1st Michael Sobell House, Diane Stuckey 2nd The Chestnuts, John Jones, 3rd Sibley Court, Gail Kennett
  • Business premises - 1st The Old Orchard, Daniel Redfern
  • Best blooming pub - 1st The Old Orchard, Daniel Redfern
  • Best hanging baskets - 1st 20 Haig Road, Aileen Richards 2nd Iona, Jacks Lane, Thelma Trainer, 3rd 3 Bramble Close, Gordon Bishop
  • Best school garden -  1st Hayes Park School, Christine Hind 2nd Harmondsworth Primary School, Eleesa Dowding 3rd Yeading Children's Centre, Helen Badham
  • Roome Cup for conservation - 1st 21 Myddleton Road, Shan Baker 2nd Hayes Park School, Christine Hind
  • Best first-time entrant - 1st 20 Triandra Way, Mohammad Rafique Qureshi 2nd 131 Hercies Road, Lynn Ronayne-Belhadj 3rd The Old Orchard, Daniel Redfern   

 2013 Winners

  • Rural Activities Garden Centre, The Roome Cup for conservation
  • The Hut Pub for best business premises
  • Hayes Park School for best school garden category
  • Janet Stephenson for best front garden.

List of winners

  • Best front garden - Janet Stephenson - North Drive
  • Best front of residence display - John Jones, The Chestnuts
  • Best novelty front garden - Monika Bose, Windsor Avenue,
  • Best residential street - Josephine Eckleben, Haven Close
  • Best window box - Frances White, Long Drive
  • Best balcony display - Wendy Rice-Morley, Sanctuary Close
  • Best permanent display - Sharon Lander, Rural Activity Garden Centre
  • Best communal garden - Kathryn Underwood, Harlington Hospice
  • Best Hotel - No winners (no entries)
  • Best business premises - Sharon Lander, Rural Activity Garden City
  • Best bloomin' pub - Gerry Collins, The Hut
  • Best hanging basket - Gerry Collins, The Hut
  • Best school garden - Chris Hind, Hayes Park School
  • Roome Cup (for conservation) - The Rural Activities Garden Centre, Hayes
  • Best first time entrant - Monika Bose, Windsor Avenue

2012 Winners

  • Rural Activities Garden Centre, The Roome Cup for conservation
  • The Hut Pub for best business premises
  • Ryefield Primary School for best school garden category
  • Josie Clarke of South Ruislip for best front garden.

List of winners

  • Best front garden - Josie Clarke, South Ruislip
  • Best front of residence display - Janet Halls West Drayton
  • Best novelty front garden - Alan Ellingham, Harefield
  • Best residential street - Haven Close, Harefield
  • Best window box - Frances White, South Ruislip
  • Best balcony display - Beryl Bradshaw, Hayes
  • Best permanent display - Michael Sobell House, Northwood
  • Best communal garden - The Chestnuts, Uxbridge
  • Best Hotel - No winners (no entries)
  • Best business premises - The Hut Pub, Hillingdon
  • Best bloomin' pub - The Brook House, Hayes
  • Best hanging basket - Brenda Gardner, Eastcote
  • Best school garden - Ryefield Primary School
  • Roome Cup (for conservation) - The Rural Activities Garden Centre, Hayes
  • Best first time entrant - Peter and Christine Etherington, Harefield

2011 Winners

  • Rural Activities Garden Centre scooped the prize for best business premises and the Roome Cup for conservation
  • Hayes Park Primary were the winners of the best school garden category
  • Thelma White of Harefield was awarded the best front garden

Other awards included best permanent display, balcony display, residential street, hotel, bloomin' pub, window box, hanging basket, first time entry, novelty garden and communal garden.

  • Best Front Garden - Thelma White, Harefield
  • Best Front of Residence Display - Ricky Barret, Harefield
  • Best Novelty Front Garden - Edna Joysey, Harefield
  • Best Residential Street - St Mary' Road, Harefield
  • Best Window Box - Gerry Collins, Hilingdon
  • Best Balcony Display - Wendy Rice-Morley, Harefield
  • Best Permanent Display - Wild Oak Close, Northwood
  • Best Communal Garden - Michael Sobell House Gardens, Northwood
  • Best Hotel - Harmondsworth Hall Hotel, Harmondsworth
  • Best Business Premises - The Rural Activities Garden Centre, Hayes
  • Best Bloomin' Pub - The Hut, Hillingdon
  • Best Hanging Basket - Stephen Phair, West Drayton
  • Best School Garden - Hayes Park School, Hayes
  • Roome Cup (for conservation) - The Rural Activities Garden Centre, Hayes
  • Best First Time Entrant - Jaqueline Keenan, West Drayton

2010 Winners

  • Schools - 1st Hayes Park School, 2nd Yeading Infants, 3rd Whitehall Junior, H/C Dr Tripletts School
  • Roome cup - Hayes Park School
  • Best blcony display - 1st Peter Mitchell, 2nd Sanctuary Close, 3rd Michael Sobell House, Mount Vernon Hospital
  • Best hotel up to 50 beds - Hardmondsworth Hall hotel
  • Best restaurant - The Palace Tandoori
  • Best communal garden - 1st Simon Ginsburg, Park West, 2nd Pauline Gregory, The Chestnuts, 3rd Woodbridge House
  • Best window box - 1st Alan Ellingham.2nd Stephen Phair.3rd Gerry Collins, The Hut
  • Best hanging basket B- 1st Stephen Phair, 2nd Harmondsworth Hall Hotel, 3rd Gerry Collins, The Hut
  • Best first time entry - 1st Alan Wellstead, Rural Gardens Activities Garden Centre, 2nd Josephine Clarke, 3rd Mohammed Qureshi, H/C Karen Needham
  • Best front of residence display -  1st Ricky Barrett, 2nd Eileen Richards, 3rd Alan Ellingham
  • Best bloomin' pub -  1st Gerry Collins, The Hut, 2nd Gary Gilchrist, The Brook House, 3rd Turks Head
  • Best novelty front garden -  1st Bob & Julia Hardinges, 2nd Graham Cooper & Marie Martindale, 3rd Tony & Pam Harries
  • Best permanent display - 1st Ricky Barrett, 2nd Arthur Turner, 3rd Alan Ellingham
  • Best business premises - 1st Alan Wellstead, Rural Activities Garden Centre, 2nd Gerry Collins, The Hut, 3rd Gary Gilchrist, The Brook House
  • Best front garden - 1st Chris Thomas, 2nd Josephine Clarke, 3rd Maria Hernandez-Humm, H/C Pamela Percy
  • Best residential street - 1st The Lynch, Uxbridge, 2nd St Marys Road, Harefield, 3rd Sanctuary Close, Harefield

2009 Winners

  • Best front of Residence Display - 1st Mr George Page, 2nd Eileen Richards, 3rd Annie Twinn
  • Best Novelty Front Garden - 1st Julia Hardinges, 2nd Pam & Tony Harries, 3rd Graham & Marie Cooper
  • Best Residential Street - 1st Haven Close, Hayes. Maureen Absolum, 2nd Sanctuary Close, Harefield. Wendy Rice-Morley
  • Best Balcony Display, 1st Peter Mitchell, 2nd Sibley Court, Marylin Lyndsey, 3rd Sanctuary Close, Wendy Rice-Morley
  • Best Permanent Display - 1st William Constable, 2nd Ricky Barrett, 3rd Michael Sobell House
  • Best Communal Garden - 1st Pauline Gregory,The Chestnuts, 2nd Marylin Lyndsey, Sibley Court, 3rd Simon Ginsburg, Parkwest
  • Hotel Over 100 beds - 1st Nick Campbell, Crowne Plaza Heathrow, 
  • Hotel Over 50 beds - 1st Harmondsworth Hall, Mrs E. Burke
  • Best Bloomin Pub - 1st Gary Gilchrist,The Brookhouse, 2nd Mr G. Collins,The Hut, 3rd Mrs M. Healy,Turks Head,
  • Best First Time Entry -  1st Christopher Thomas, 2nd Annie Twinn, 3rd Mr G page, H/C Veronica Saunders
  • Best Hanging Basket - 1st Gary Gilchrist, The Brookhouse, 2nd Alan Ellingham, 3rd Eileen Richards
  • Best Window Box - 1st Alan Ellingham, 2nd David Marriott, 3rd Steve Phair
  • Best Front Garden - 1st Nicki Smith, 2nd John Mattingley, 3rd Irene Cousins,H/C Maria Hernandez-Humm
  • Roome Cup for Conservation Paul Green, Heathrow Airport Ltd
  • Best Schools Garden -  1st Whitehall Junior School, Mary Davey, 2nd Hayes Park School, Christine Hind, 3rd Yeading Infants and Nursery School, Helen Badhan, Highly Commended - Whiteheath Infants School

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