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Learning and Development FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions from the Learning and Development team.


What types of courses do you run?

We run a whole range of courses for our customers, whether you are based in a school, council staff, a partner agency or a private company.

The best way to see the full range of courses is to search our course database.  By doing this you can type in keywords to locate the courses, view their objectives, pre-requisites and dates that best suit your needs.

Further courses, both new and repeated ones are coming on stream all the time, so do revisit this site to view our updates.

How much does a course cost?

The cost of a course will depend upon on where you work. Please see course profile for details.

How do I book on a course?

We have a self-service online booking system to search and book courses, events and activities taking place in Hillingdon.  Creating an account only takes a few minutes.

Request an account

What should I do if I cannot attend?

If you cannot attend a course you have been booked on, please log in to your account and cancel your place in the 'Course History' option.

When will I know if my place has been confirmed?

Some courses can't run because of insufficient delegates to make it viable, others may be over subscribed. You will normally have your place confirmed, rejected or cancelled by email a few days after the course closing date. This is normally 2 weeks before the course is due to run.

What should I do if I don't receive a booking confirmation email?

A provisional email advising that you have successfully reserved your place on a course is sent at the time of booking and should be received within 15 minutes of booking completion. An email indicating acceptance on the course, transfer to a waiting list, or course cancellation should be received by you a few days after the closing date of the course. This is normally 2 weeks before the course runs. Please check your email first, if you haven't received a confirmation letter then please contact the learning and development team: learninganddevelopment@hillingdon.gov.uk to confirm your status on the course.

How do I cancel a course?

If you cannot attend a course that you have booked please log into your online account and cancel your place in the 'Course History' option.

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