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Agents and architects information

We regularly hold workshops for agents and architects on how to use the online procedure.

Planning White Paper published 21 May 2007: Planning for a Sustainable Future

On 21 May 2007, the Government published the planning White Paper, Planning for a Sustainable Future. The white paper sets out a programme of proposed reforms to the planning system to be taken forward in the next three years. These reforms will, for the first time, embrace all development consent regimes, including those for major energy, water, transport and waste development.

It also proposes further reforms to the town and country planning system, building on the recent improvements to make it more efficient and more responsive. This includes proposed changes to reduce the need for planning permission for householders wishing to make minor extensions or improvements to their homes and for micro-generation for renewable energy.

On 11 July 2007 the council held a seminar on the government consultation on the white paper: planning for a sustainable future.  

Design and access statement

Important changes to national legislation - most planning applications and all applications for listed building consent must include a design and access statement when submitted. Design and access statements

Workshops on submitting online planning application.

This council regularly holds workshops in-conjunction with the Planning Portal for agents and architects on how to make and submit an online application, explaining the benefits to you and your client. 1App has been delayed due to ongoing technical issues with the implementation of the electronic forms. As a result we have had to delay the next planned agent's seminar. Once the outstanding issues have been resolved, a new date for the seminar will be set.

In addition we will be covering the introduction of the 1APP. If you are interested in attending please contact us.

Advice and information about online applications

Advantages and benefits to you submitting a planning application online

  • Free to register and free technical support
  • Submit your application out of office hours
  • Confirmation of receipt of application
  • No postage costs
  • No lost post
  • No waiting to print plans
  • No messing about with cheques or cash
  • Online payments
  • Save money (Taking into account the above benefits, a saving of up to £120 per application is possible)


It is advisable to submit all your documents in PDF format and where possible no bigger than A3 size (though this is not a formal requirement). This council will accept PDF and JPEG formats. For further information on how to convert from CAD to PDF please go to the Planning Portal

Standard planning application form (1APP)

This authority is one of the 21 pilot sites who will be going live with the '1APP' form and are working hard to keep our customers informed. Once confirmed we will update this with our time-table of implementation.


In 2005, the Government communicated with local authorities in England its intention to introduce the Standard Planning Application Form (1APP). This form is key to specific proposals to streamline and simplify the arrangements for handling applications for planning permission and associated consents.

The Standard Planning Application Form will be rolled out across England under direct management from the Government in conjunction with the Planning Portal (a one-stop-shop for planning information and services online).

Since 1 April 2007, the Standard Planning Application Form will become the only official method of submitting a planning application and is expected to lead to a significant increase in the number of applications submitted online. Applications submitted on existing/old style forms after this mandatory deadline set by central government cannot be accepted by the local authority.

At present, most authorities produce their own planning application forms which can differ in style, content and the information which is required. This inconsistency can sometimes lead to confusion for planning professionals and the public alike.

The Standard Planning Application Form is part of Governments commitment to make the planning system simpler, faster and easier to use. The introduction of the form will also enable more planning services to be provided online and give applicants certainty about the information they need to provide.

How will it work?

The Standard Planning Application Form '1APP' is an electronic application form hosted by the Planning Portal (or through an authority's own website). Once logged onto the website, the applicant or agent is asked a series of questions to help determine which application form to complete. A detailed form specific to the proposal will be generated once this procedure is completed.

The Standard Planning Application Form will cover a range of application types including Householder, Planning Permission, Listed Building consent, Conservation Area consent, Tree Applications (inc. Tree Preservation Orders and Trees in Conservation Areas) and Advertisement consent. Along with the electronic planning application form, supporting plans and documents are also submitted electronically as part of the online application process.

Will I still be able to obtain and submit hard copy forms?

As it is recognised that many applicants will still prefer to submit paper versions, we are currently working towards introducing the most convenient method of producing paper copies of the '1APP'. 

Further information on the '1APP' is available on the Planning portal and the Department for Communities and Local Governmentwebsites.

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