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Financial contribution

Legislation that covers disabled facilities grants requires that all grant applications are means-tested.


Normally only the person who will benefit from the adaptations and their partner are means tested.

However if the cost of the grant work is more than £30,000, then a second means test is applied to anyone who has a financial interest in the property and an extra grant called a 'discretionary top up grant' may be approved.

If the works are required for a child with special needs, then a means test would not be carried out unless the works are in excess of £30,000, in which case the above paragraph would apply. In most cases the secondary means test would be carried out on the parents of the child.

How will I know if I have to make a contribution?

When you make your initial grant application you will be asked to complete a preliminary enquiry form.

This will provide us with enough information to carry out an initial means test and let you know if you have to make a contribution. A further means test will be carried out when you make your formal grant application.

When do I have to pay my contribution?

Once your grant has been approved you will be asked to pay your contribution, as a cheque payable to Hillingdon Council. This will in turn be paid to the contractor when the works are complete.

How much will I have to contribute?

Your contribution to the cost of the works is calculated by looking at your weekly income and comparing it with the amount the government says that a household like yours needs to live on each week (this figure is called the 'applicable amount').

If your income is above the applicable amount you will have to make a contribution towards the cost and we will tell you how much this is. The grant will pay for the rest of the costs, provided that the total costs are not more than £30,000. If you are in receipt of income support, pension credit or income based job seeker's allowance then it is unlikely that you will have to pay a contribution.

You do not have to be in receipt of a benefit to be able to get a grant.

All grant applicants are required to provide documentary evidence of their income and savings.

What if my contribution is more than the cost of the eligible works?

Unfortunately no grant would be paid, but you may apply for a 'zero approval'.

A zero approval means that you will be expected to carry out and fund the works. However if you have to make a new disabled facilities grant application for the same property within 10 years (for owner occupiers) and five years (for tenants), then your contribution towards this 'zero approval' application will be taken into account.

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