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Register a death

When someone dies, their death must be registered with the local registrar.

In response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and following advice from government, we are currently undertaking death registrations by telephone only and all ceremonial services have been suspended. We are sorry for the inconvenience, however the safety of our customers, staff and community is our first priority.

Registering a death during the coronavirus pandemic

There will be no requirement for relatives to collect the Medical Cause of Death Certificate from the hospital, care home or GP. A scan of the signed certificate can be sent to the Registrar directly at registeroffice@hillingdon.gov.uk.

The green certificate for burial or cremation will be sent directly to the Funeral Director, crematorium or cemetary office.

There is no requirement for customers to attend our offices in person - they are currently closed to the public.

Please contact the Register office on 01895 250418 to ensure we have received the Medical Cause of  Death Certificate before making your telephonic appointment online.

At the time of your appointment, the registrar will ring you and undertake the registration over the telephone. 

If you have any queries please contact the:

Where to register:

The death must be registered within five working days of the death so please make an appointment as soon as possible. In some circumstances the death may be reported to the Coroner. In such cases the death may be registered outside of the five days. If the investigation leads to an inquest then the registration will take place after the inquest is complete. The Coroner will contact the family to advise when the death certificate will be available.

Make an appointment

Deaths in Hillingdon

If the death took place within the London Borough of Hillingdon, it has to be registered at Hillingdon Register Office. Telephone appointments are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 3.30pm.

Deaths outside of Hillingdon

If the death took place outside of the London Borough of Hillingdon, a declaration can be completed and sent to the register office for that area. You will not be issued with a death certificate or burial or cremation certificate at the declaration. Your documents will be posted to you after the registration has been completed by that office. Please contact the receiving office to find out how payments can be made for the death certificate.

Who can register a death

Qualified informants can register a death. This can be:

  • A relative
  • A person who was present at the death
  • The occupier of the premises where the death occurred. The informant must either be the Senior Resident Officer or Matron of the establishment.
  • The person arranging the funeral (not the Funeral Director), if there are no relatives to do so.
  • The Funeral Director (under the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020).

If the informant does not speak or understand English, they need to ensure they have someone available who can translate for them.

Information required

The registrar will need the following information about the person who has died:

  • the date of their death
  • where the death occurred
  • their full name (including any other names they may have been known by)
  • their date of birth
  • where they were born
  • their occupation
  • their address
  • the medical cause of death certificate from the doctor/hospital
  • your name and address
  • additional information, in the case of a:
    • married man or widower, the registrar will also record the wife's full name and occupation
    • married woman or widow the registrar will also record the maiden surname and the husband's full name and occupation
    • civil partner or surviving civil partner, the registrar will also record the partner's full name and occupation

You will also find it useful to have the following to hand:

  • the deceased's birth certificate
  • the NHS medical card for the person who has died
  • if available, information on pension or allowance received by the deceased
  • if available, the passport of the deceased, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce document and evidence regarding the informant such as name, address and evidence of the relationship


  • Following the registration you will be given a Certificate for Burial or Cremation. You should give this to the funeral director who will be arranging the burial or cremation.
  • If the death has been reported to the Coroner, the registrar may tell you that a cremation or burial certificate has already been issued. If this is the case, you will not need a green form.
  • The registrar will also give you a certificate (form BD8) which is used for social security purposes. You should complete it and send to your Jobcentre, Jobcentre Plus or DWP office.


There is no charge or fee for registering a death.

A copy of a death certificate on the day of registration is £11 each and you can request as many as you need (cash or debit/credit cards are accepted). 

Additional Registration Service fees 

Consideration of a correction of a register entry by the:

  • Superintendent: £75
  • General Register Office for England and Wales: £90

However, after the day of registration you may need copy death certificates for banks, building societies and insurance companies.

Tell Us Once

Once you have registered the death you can use our Tell Us Once service to notify other agencies/departments of the death.

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