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Planning changes and law updates

Find out what changes or updates have been made to all planning applications and their process.


Consultation on London Borough of Hillingdon Local List for Validation of Development Management Planning Applications

Since 2008 local planning authorities have been required to publish a list of information they require to "validate" the planning applications they receive. This validation list forms two components, the national requirements, including the application form, the fee, certificates etc. and secondly, specific local validation requirements known as the "Local List". The Government requires local planning authorities to review the "Local List" every two years.

Hillingdon Council held a public consultation on a new draft Local List [691KB] for an eight week period running from 19 December 2018 to 13 February 2019. 

Hillingdon Council are currently reviewing all the comments received and considering if any amendments are required. The final version of the Local List will then be presented to Cabinet for approval. Once approved this will replace the current Local List and will form the basis on which planning applications are deemed valid by the Council.

Important information for all agents and applicants submitting on-line applications

The Planning Portal is an external service used by the majority of applicants to submit planning applications. The Planning Portal on-line planning application service (1App) will be unavailable from 5pm on Friday 7 September until 9am on Monday 10 September due to planned work to introduce a Financial Transaction Service. It is understood that the Planning Portal will charge a £20 (£16.67+VAT) handling fee in addition to the normal application fee from 9am on Monday 10 September and the Planning Portal will not accept applications without the £20 handling fee.

The £20 handling fee will be retained by the Planning Portal as an administrative fee (re: Hillingdon Council does not receive any part of the fee, nor does it have any control over the introduction of the handling fee, which is a decision made by the Planning Portal in order to fund the continued operation of the 1App service). The start date for determination of all types of application (even including prior approval applications) is the day they are transferred to Hillingdon Council from the Planning Portal. As such application determination dates will not start for applicants using the 1APP service until after they have paid the additional handling fee. 

Further information on this change is only available through the Planning Portal, you can contact them via:

Article 4 Direction - strategic employment land

Hillingdon Council made an Article 4 Direction [530KB] on 22 November 2016 under Article 4(1) of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, as amended. The Direction was confirmed by Full Council and came into force on 22 November 2017

The direction relates to development comprising the change of use of employment buildings to a residential use. The Article 4(1) direction removes permitted development rights B1(a) and B1(c) to C3 (Class O of the 2015 GPDO and Class PA of the 2016 GPDO respectively) in specific parts of the Borough (see Maps attached to Article 4(1) Direction) to protect strategic employment land. Planning permission is therefore required for change of use to residential from 22 November 2017 in the strategic locations identified under the Article 4(1) direction.

Full council report 3 November 2016 - explaining the reasons for the Article 4(1) direction.

Full council report 7 September 2017 - to consider the adoption of the Article 4(1) direction.

Article 4 Direction - residential extensions 

Hillingdon Council made an Article 4(1) Direction [337KB] on 20 September 2013 under Article 4(1) of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, as amended. The Direction was confirmed by Full Council and came into force on 22 September 2014. 

The Direction relates to development comprising the enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a dwelling house where the enlarged part would have a single storey and would extend beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling house by more than 4 metres. 

The Article 4(1) direction removes permitted development rights for this type of development. Planning permission is therefore required for such development from 22 September 2014. 

Attention householders

Permitted development rights for all householder developments were altered on 1 October 2008, as the new legislation changes the criteria for permitted development. ​

Controls were introduced on paving over front gardens, with planning permission required for any new area of hardstanding over 5 square metres, unless the surface allows water to drain away naturally.

The Planning Portal has developed visual guides for householders which outline common household projects.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

From March 2013, Hillingdon Council has made changes to the planning rules for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Read more

New rules governing commercial changes

The key changes include allowing the following without the need for planning permission.

  • Larger extensions to industrial and warehousing premises, shops and offices
  • Conversions from offices to residential uses
  • More flexible uses of shops, offices and agricultural buildings
  • Easier conversion of premises for school uses
  • Telecom installations in conservation areas

Note: If you want to carry out one of the above you will still need to notify us of what you want to do and in most cases will need to seek prior approval.

Full details of the criteria and procedure are contained in the legislation and on the Planning Portal's Website.

Tree work legislation

All new applications are required by law to be made on a national tree work application form.

Any new application that is not submitted on the national tree work application form, or is incomplete, or fails to include the required documentation, will be invalid.

Apply online

Guidance notes: Making a planning application online [41KB]

or  complete this application form [219KB] and send to the Trees and Woodland Team

If you require assistance, please contact London Borough of Hillingdon Contact Centre on 01895 250230.

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