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Aircraft noise

We offer expert advice on all airport related noise issues affecting the borough.

transportation noise

The UK government is responsible for national aviation policy and key regulatory decisions relating to noise from aircraft. Aircraft noise is exempt from statutory noise nuisance and the council cannot take direct action to deal with noise from aircraft. However, we would investigate a particular trend involving a number of residents, for example caused by a perceived change to normal operations. For such purposes, it is possible to register a complaint with the Anti-social Behaviour and Environment team.

The Civil Aviation Authority (AAA) (opens in a new window) provides a focal point for receiving and responding to environmental complaints about aviation, including aircraft noise complaints, from the general public. Aircraft noise complaints can be lodged with the CAA on 020 7453 6524/5.

RAF Northolt is used by both civil and military aircraft.
Information on the airfield located in neighbouring South Bucks District Council.
Information on how to deal with aircraft noise.
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