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Trading Standards Services have to be aware of both civil and criminal legislation.

The legal system divides the law into two categories:

  • civil
  • criminal

Civil law deals with the rights and duties of one individual with another. Redress is by way of compensation to the wronged party.

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Criminal law is concerned with the establishment of social order, and the protection of the community as a whole. People who contravene criminal laws can be prosecuted and, if found guilty, may be fined or sent to prison, or both.

The London Borough of Hillingdon's Trading Standards Service is concerned primarily with the criminal law. We carry out our responsibility by enforcing laws that have been passed by Parliament. Trading Standards cannot choose which laws to enforce. Central government departments are responsible for the policy aspects of laws, so they are the ones to complain to if you do not like what a particular piece of law is trying to do.

Trading Standards legislation

The following downloads give an indication of the range of legislation controlling the supply of goods and services that is enforced by the Service. Please note that the information may not be up to date.

Copies of Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments can be obtained from the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) (formerly Her Majesty's Stationery Office).

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