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Officers' powers

Trading standards officers are granted various enforcement powers by numerous pieces of legislation.

An officer's powers will vary between each statute, so it is therefore impracticable to list all of them. As a result, we have provided a summary at the end of this section that sets out some of the differences.

In general, officers can:

  • take samples and photographs and inspect records and documents and may require computer information to be produced
  • seize and detain property that may be needed as evidence, to be retained as long as is necessary in the circumstances
  • also serve a suspension notice on unsafe consumer goods prohibiting the movement of those goods for six months

In serious cases action may include prosecution. If the prosecution is successful, the court may impose fines and in some cases imprisonment. The courts can also dispose of goods under a Forfeiture Order. 

If you intentionally obstruct officers by refusing to comply with their requirements, or fail to give assistance without reasonable cause - you may be charged with an offence.

Unfair outcomes

If you have any complaint concerning the conduct of officers on an inspection visit or search, then details of the Hillingdon Council's complaints procedure are available.

If you think Hillingdon Trading Standards is applying the law in a different way from other local authorities you can seek advice from the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS) either through your trade association or your local authority.

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