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Wasps are small and mostly yellow and black striped. They often make nests made of paper, about the size of a football.

SDK Environmental Limited, trading as Dial A Pest, has been selected by the council to provide a service to treat for wasps for council tenants and council leaseholders only. Residents who own their own property may still, if they wish, access services provided by Dial A pest initially by phoning the council's Contact Centre on 01895 556000.

Please note that Hillingdon residents are not obliged to use the services of Dial A Pest, and alternative contractors are available from the:


Wasps may become a nuisance in August as they are in need of sugary substances. They can sting but do not leave the sting in you. As the weather gets colder and autumn frosts arrive they will all die off. Young queen wasps will go off to hibernate until next spring.


They do not re use the same nest but may return to the same area to set up a new nest the following year. They eat grubs and pests in the garden and make a tasty meal for any bird.

How to manage wasps

Rather than destroy them you could try to reduce their numbers by setting up a few wasp traps around the garden to remove some of them. This could be a simple jam-jar with some jam in the bottom and a quarter filled with water. Place a lid on it with a hole in it for the wasps to enter. They will drown in the water as they cannot escape.

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