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Safer Hillingdon Partnership

The Safer Hillingdon Partnership is a multi-agency group which aims to keep Hillingdon a safe borough, where residents are able to participate in the full range of community activity without fear of becoming a victim of crime.

A safe borough


The Safer Hillingdon Partnership is the statutory Community Safety Partnership and is part of the Hillingdon Local Strategic Partnership, Hillingdon Partners; and the Executive Group of the Hillingdon Local Resilience Forum.

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998, the Police and Justice Act 2006 and Police and Crime Act 2009 make Community Safety Partnerships responsible for:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • behaviour affecting the environment
  • crime and disorder
  • reducing re-offending
  • substance misuse

The Partnership has a duty to consult and conduct assessments of crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour and drug and alcohol misuse in Hillingdon and set strategies to tackle the issues identified.


The Safer Hillingdon Partnership comprises representatives at an executive level of the 'responsible authorities' (police, local authority, fire and rescue authority, health service, probation service), the elected Cabinet Member responsible for community safety at the Council, the Director of Public Health, a representative from the London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the Chairman of Hillingdon's Safer Neighbourhood Board.


The Safer Hillingdon Partnership Board ("the Board") is responsible for:

  • decision making, direction setting, links with national and regional developments and operations
  • ensuring adequate and appropriate levels of data sharing
  • ensuring effective co-ordination of delivery at a borough-wide and neighbourhood level
  • ensuring appropriate Links are made with national and regional developments and operations
  • preparing and implementing the strategic assessment and partnership plan for the borough, determining the key priorities
  • receive and review reports from the Council's Community Safety team on performance and delivery across the partnership plan
  • receive and review reports as and when required from delivery partners who are accountable for the delivery of targets within their remit, performance management of all strategies, agreements, contracts and commissions

Meeting structure

The Board meets every three months and is chaired by the Council Chief Executive and the Borough Commander alternately.

Performance monitoring and accountability

An annual strategic assessment of community safety trends and performance is undertaken, including consultation with residents about priorities for action.  Arising from this assessment, the Board decides priorities for action which generate an annual action plan.

A quarterly performance report detailing progress on the action plan is considered and discussed by the Board.  Weaknesses in performance against the plan are addressed directly with the responsible bodies by Board members. 

Scrutiny of the Board's performance is undertaken by elected councillors sitting on the Council's External Services Policy Overview Committee, when it carries out its statutory function of a Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Committee as required by the Police and Justice Act 2006 s.19.

Safer Neighbourhood Boards are means by which the Mayor of London (through the Deputy Mayor and the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime) holds Borough Police Command Units to account for performance, giving local Londoners and victims a greater voice in setting policing priorities, and access to a crime prevention fund for local delivery. 

Hillingdon's Safer Neighbourhood Boards sits alongside existing performance management arrangements in the Safer Hillingdon Partnership and Local Strategic Partnership, and scrutiny arrangements through Hillingdon's Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Committee.

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