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Apply for a premises licence

During the coronavirus pandemic, we would encourage applicants to submit their applications online. If you have any queries, please email licensing@hillingdon.gov.uk or call 07742 007 218.

To provide sales of alcohol, regulated entertainment or late night refreshment, you will need to apply for authorisation from Hillingdon Council.

Licence summary

A premises licence is issued by the licensing authority in which the premises is situated. The licensable activities are the:

  • sale by retail of alcohol
  • supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club or an individual member
  • provision of regulated entertainment
  • provision of late night refreshment between the hours of 11pm to 5am

  Licensing Act policy 2003 (Effective - Jan 2016 to Jan 2021) [398KB] sets out licensing objectives:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm

What you need to know before applying

In completing an operating schedule, applicants are expected to have an understanding of the licensing policy for their area. They must also be aware of the expectations of the licensing authority and the interested parties, as to the steps that are appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives.

Application evaluation process

Applications must be sent to the licensing authority for the area where the premises are located. They must be in the specified format and be accompanied by:

  • the required fee which is based on the non-domestic rateable value of the property
  • an operating schedule will include details of:
    • the licensable activities
    • the times when the activities will take place
    • how the licensing objectives are going to be upheld 
    • any other times when the premises will be open to the public
  • a plan of the premises
  • a form of consent from the premises supervisor
  • a designated premises supervisor is not required for a club premises for applications where the sale of alcohol will be a licensable activity

Advertising your application

You need to advertise your application both:

  • once in a local newspaper within 10 working days
  • on a poster at the premises for at least 28 days 

The licensing authority must grant the application where no representations have been received within the consultation period. Where representations are received, a Licensing Sub-Committee hearing must be held to consider the application.

Club Premises Certificate - what you need to know  

Clubs must be qualifying clubs. A qualifying club has general conditions it must satisfy. These are:

  • a person may not be given memberships or as a candidate for membership to any membership privileges without an interval of at least two days from their membership application or nomination and their membership being granted
  • that club rules state that those becoming a member without nomination or application cannot have membership privileges for at least two days between them becoming members and being admitted to the club
  • that the club is established and conducted in good faith
  • that the club has at least 25 members
  • that alcohol is only supplied to members on the premises on behalf of or by the club

Additional conditions in relation to the supply of alcohol must be complied with. These conditions are:

  • that alcohol purchased for and supplied by the club is only for members of the club who are over 18 years of age and are elected to do so by the members
  • that no person at the expense of the club receives any commission, percentage or other similar payment in regard to the purchase of alcohol by the club
  • that there are no arrangements for anyone to receive a financial benefit from supplying alcohol, apart from any benefit to the club or to any person indirectly from the supply giving a gain from running the club


Application for the grant/variation of Premises Licence/Club Premises CertificateBandNon-domestic rateable value Fees
(including premises with no non-domestic rateable value) ANil to £4,300 £100
 B£4,301 to £33,000 £190
(including premises under construction) C£33,001 to £87,000 £315
(premises not primarily used for the supply/sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises) D£87,001 to £125,000 £450
(premises not primarily used for the supply/sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises) E£125,001 and above £635 
(premises primarily used for the supply/sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises) D£87,001 to £125,000 £900
(premises primarily used for the supply/sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises) E£125,001 and above£1905

Licence applications


The Licensing Act 2003 permits the review of premises licences and club premises certificates, please fill out the application form [168KB].

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