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Parking waivers

A parking waiver can be issued to permit a vehicle to park in contravention of a traffic management order.

Waivers can be issued for reasons such as to facilitate loading/unloading where this action is normally banned or permitted for an insufficient period of time.

Issue of a parking waiver will incur a charge. Subject to approval the charge is payable upon collection of the waiver.

A waiver may be issued for a variety of reasons including such circumstances as:

  • to authorise loading/unloading of a vehicle where this action is either banned or permitted for an insufficient limited period and other alternative arrangements cannot be made.
  • to authorise a vehicle to park near a property when any alternative arrangement would be unsatisfactory eg weddings, funerals, removals, building maintenance or repair works.

Note: It is only in exceptional circumstances that a parking waiver will be authorised for a vehicle to park in an area where there is a un/loading ban in place. The exceptional circumstances would include:

  • essential loading/unloading
  • scaffolding vehicles directly engaged in erecting/removing of scaffolding
  • glazier's vehicles directly engaged in window replacement/repair process

Only the following activities will be considered for a parking waiver: 

  • large deliveries
  • domestic or office removals
  • glass/window installation where a glass rack is fitted to the vehicle's side
  • Please contact the Applications Processing team for permission before applying for the waiver for:
    • crane operations
    • scaffolding
    • tree surgery
    • special events
    • a mobile workshop with equipment fitted to the floor of the vehicle (e.g. welding equipment, generators or compressors)
    • carrying or towing a tar boiler
    • removal and un/loading of asbestos and other hazardous or dangerous chemicals for use at the premises
    • sand blasting or equivalent where cables or tubes run from the vehicle to the facade or inside of a building
    • handling of roofing equipment
    • handling of drainage equipment
  • filming -  please contact the Film Office on 01895 556 640 before applying for the waiver

Please contact Parking Services if you would like to apply for a parking waiver but none of the above fit the description of your activity.

Apply for a parking waiver 

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