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This section looks at the smoking habits of the residents of Hillingdon and its effects on reproductive health and smoking related diseases and deaths.


In Hillingdon in 2016 the estimated prevalence of smoking is 15.2% of the population aged over 18. This is slightly below the England average (15.5%) and the same as the London average (15.2%). In surveys of manual workers and workers in routine occupations, the prevalence of smoking is higher, assessed as 22.1% of the population for Hillingdon, 26.5% of the population in England and 23.9% of the population in London.

In 2014/15 the Hillingdon Stop Smoking Service helped nearly 2,000 people to set a quit date and over 1,000 to quit smoking.

Effects of smoking on pregnancy and reproduction

Smoking has a dramatic impact on reproductive health. It can affect both men and women's fertility, health of the pregnant woman, the health of the unborn child and the health of young children. Hillingdon's smoking at time of delivery rates remain high compared the neighbouring Boroughs but is slightly lower than the national average. Smoking during pregnancy tends to be higher among the routine and manual socio economic groups and is a substantial contributing factor to inequalities in child birth mortality and morbidity.

In Hillingdon in 2016/17 smoking at the time of delivery was recorded for 6.3% of maternities, down from 7.1% in 2015/16. This is significantly lower than the England average of 10.7% but higher than the London average of 4.9%.

Deaths caused by smoking

Cigarette smoking causes a broad range of diseases including cancer of various sites and diseases of the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. Smokers have much higher death rates from these diseases than those who have never smoked.

Lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease and ischaemic heart disease account for the greatest number of deaths caused by smoking.

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