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Locally listed buildings

The Local List is intended to recognise buildings of architectural and historical importance that contribute significantly to the unique character of the borough.

Whilst not statutorily listed, these buildings are of good quality design or are historically significant and are important to the local community.

The list was adopted by the council on 27 May 2010. Hillingdon currently includes 328 buildings and sites of local architectural or historic importance.     

Planning implications

The inclusion of a property on the Local List does mean, however, that the council will take into account the building's special local architectural or historic interest when considering planning applications for alterations and extensions. Applications involving the demolition of a building of local importance will normally be refused, unless such works can be fully justified and a replacement building of suitable quality provided.

Find out whether your property is included in the list »

Unlike Listed Buildings, buildings on the Local List do not enjoy statutory protection and are subject to normal planning controls under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (amended in 2008). These allow owners to undertake certain minor alterations to properties without the need to submit a planning application.  

Further information on the Planning Portal.

Hillingdon's Unitary Development Plan (Saved Policies September 2007)

Includes policies for the protection of Locally Listed buildings. Specific policies are:

BE8: Applications for planning permission to alter or extend statutory listed buildings or buildings on the Local List will normally only be permitted if no damage is caused to historic structures. Any additions should be in keeping with other parts of the building and any new external or internal features should harmonise with their surroundings.

BE12: Statutory listed buildings and others of architectural or historic interest such as those on the Local List should, preferably remain in their historic use. Where planning permission is required, an alternative use will be permitted if it is appropriate to secure the renovation and subsequent preservation of the building, features of architectural or historic interest and setting.

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