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Hillingdon is rich in archaeology and its archaeological remains are an important local and national resource.

Archaeology contributes positively to the quality of life, character and distinctiveness of local communities and as such can attract interest, promote community involvement and provide a sense of local and national identity.

Significant prehistoric sites at Three Ways Wharf, Uxbridge and at Heathrow Terminal Five site have been excavated. The excavations at Heathrow have highlighted the borough's potential for providing important information about the changing landscape of London from prehistory through to modern times.

Records of archaeological finds throughout the borough have been included in the Scheduled Monuments Records, which now forms part of the Historic Environment, maintained by Historic England.

More details regarding this can be found at Greater London Historic Environment Record.

Currently, the council has identified a number of Archaeological Priority Areas (APA) and Archaeological Priority Zones (APZ), which are:

REFName of areaNature of resourceMap
APABrackenbury FarmMediaeval Brackenbury Farm APA [699KB]
APACowleyMediaeval Cowley APA [1MB]
APACranford Park NorthPrehistoric Cranford Park North APA [906KB]
APAEastcote VillageMediaeval Eastcote Village APA [1MB]
APAHarlingtonPrehistoric Harlington APA [845KB]
APAHarmondsworthSaxon, Mediaeval and earlier Harmondsworth APA [857KB]
APAHayesSaxon and Mediaeval Hayes APA [1MB]
APAHillingdonMediaeval Hillingdon APA [941KB]
APAIckenham ManorMediaeval Ickenham Manor APA [848KB]
APAIckenham Pynchester MoatMediaeval Ickenham Pynchester Moat APA [913KB]
APAIckenham SwakeleysPrehistoric and Mediaeval Ickenham Swakeleys APA [1011KB]
APAIckenham VillageSaxon and Mediaeval Ickenham Village APA [1MB]
APANorth HarefieldPrehistoric and Mediaeval North Harefield APA [821KB]
APARuislip Motte and BaileyMediaeval Ruislip Motte and Bailey APA [1MB]
APASipsonPrehistoric Sipson APA [683KB]
APASouth HarefieldPrehistoric and Mediaeval South Harefield APA [698KB]
APAStanwell Cursus ComplexPrehistoric Stanwell Cursus Complex APA [960KB]
APAUxbridge Prehistoric and Mediaeval Uxbridge APA [1MB]
APAWest BedfontPrehistoric West Bedfont APA [641KB]
APAWest DraytonSaxon and Mediaeval West Drayton APA [1MB]
APZColne ValleyPrehistoric Colne Valley APZ [1MB]
APZHeathrowPrehistoric Heathrow APZ [1MB]

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