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Challenge a parking ticket

If you believe that a parking ticket was issued incorrectly you can challenge it.

Parking Ticket

If you wish to challenge a parking ticket you must do so in writing. Please ensure that the parking ticket number and your full contact details are included in your letter or email.

If you don't have the ticket number please provide us with your vehicle registration and the date the ticket was issued. Please provide as much detail as you can and any evidence you feel may support your claim. This will avoid any delay.

View photograph

To view the photograph taken of your vehicle, go to pay parking ticket as if you are going to pay. 


If your challenge relates to the use of your HillingdonFirst card, please be advised that we will check the relevant record to confirm the transaction.

How to challenge a ticket

You can challenge your ticket online now or by post.

What happens next?

  • When we receive your challenge the case will be put on hold until your challenge is investigated and a decision is made. You will receive a notification of this by post. 
  • If your challenge is successful the parking ticket will be cancelled. You will be notified in due course via Royal Mail. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to appeals via email at this present time. 
  • If a challenge is received within the 14 day reduced payment period and it is not successful, the 14 day reduced payment period will be reset from the date the notice of rejection is served. 
  • If you do not pay the parking ticket within 28 days of it being issued, a document called a 'Notice to owner'  will be sent to the DVLA registered keeper of the vehicle explaining how to make a formal representation, or pay the full penalty charge.
  • If your formal representation is rejected by us, you will then have an opportunity to appeal to the London Tribunals. An independent adjudicator will then review your case. The adjudicator is fully independent of the council and his or her decision is final and it is legally binding on both parties.

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