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English, maths, ESOL and employment

How can improving English, Maths or employability skills lead to a better life or career prospects?


Taking your first step or indeed your next step to improve your English, maths or Employability Skills could be the key that opens the door to new and improved employment opportunities.

So do not hesitate to come in to one of our open days or book yourself in for an initial assessment and see how we can support you each step of the way.

Call 01895 556252 (Harlington) or 01895 556455 (Brookfield) to book your place.

Case study

Sahar is a qualified maths teacher, who came to the UK two years and eight months ago.

She said "I thought, I could never learn English in my life but now with my English I can think further to look for work."

Sahar passed ESOL E1 and ESOL E2 and she has been attending ESOL E3. She said about the courses "They have helped me a lot. I am independent now. I can fill in a form, go to the GP or hospital without any help. Also I am much more confident when I have to talk with people."

Sahar would also like to tell you about her teachers, "I thank my teachers for everything they have done for me. They are very helpful, patient and supportive. They speak clearly and slowly if necessary so that you can understand them very well. They make you think and keep your brain active." 

She adds, "This course is not just to study English, here you make friends, learn how to work in a team and much more. For me, this is where I re-invent myself among many others like me."

Her advice to others is "Do not hold yourself back, come and enjoy. Learning here is not only fun but also it is a seriously active process."

A step towards your goals!

We are pleased to introduce a range of short, new stepping stones courses aimed at giving English, maths and ESOL learners the opportunity to explore the vocational areas they are interested in working in.

  •  A Step towards ICT 
  •  A Step towards Floristry
  •  A Step towards Childcare
  •  A Step towards Health & Social
  •  A Step towards Horticulture     
  •  A Step towards Digital Skills
  •  A Step towards Community Interpreting

Enrichment programme could include:

  • a trip to the German Christmas markets on the South Bank in Central London
  • visit to the West End to see a theatre production
  • a trip to the British Museum to express language through art

Call 01895 556252 or email: harlington@hae-acl.ac.uk for more information.

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