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Change of first name on baptism or certificate of naming

You can change your child's first name(s) on the birth certificate within 12 months of the date of the original registration.

You will need to complete a simple form which is available from the Register Office.

The new first name(s) will appear in space 17 of the birth certificate.

Alternatively, if the child has been baptised in the Christian faith within 12 months of the date of the original registration you can obtain a form from the Register Office to take to the Minister of the Church in which the child was baptised. Once this form has been completed the registrar will add the new name(s) to space 17. This process can be done at any time after the birth as long as the baptism took place within 12 months of the registration. You can then purchase certified copies from this amended registration.

Registration service fees

  • Space 17 amendments (change of forenames or adding or removing forenames within first year of registration) is £40.

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