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Barking dogs

When dogs bark for a long time, it can be annoying for neighbours.

Barking dog

What you can do

Before reporting this to the council you must attempt to speak to the owner of the dog to make them aware of the barking and to ask them to change the dog's behaviour. Only report to the council if your contact is unsuccessful.

What we need to know

  • Frequency - the occasional bark is not something the council can deal with
  • Duration - short periods of barking (up to five minutes) are not something the council can deal with, however often it happens
  • Affecting others - the council (and ultimately the criminal court) has to be satisfied that the problem is an unreasonable and substantial interference with your life 

Before reporting this to the council, you must download the diary sheet [103KB] and complete it for at least two weeks to establish a pattern of significant nuisance. Send in the diary sheet with your report so that the need for action can be assessed.

What we can do  

We will send a letter and advice to the person responsible for the dog. If this is not successful, and the evidence of diary sheets is sufficient to make it reasonable for an officer to take the matter further, officers will attempt to witness the barking on a maximum of three occasions. If they do not hear barking to a level which warrants enforcement action, you will be informed and given advice about how to make your own complaint to a magistrates court if you wish to do so [540KB].

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