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Loud music or TV

Loud TV and music coming from another property can make sleeping, reading or watching television difficult or impossible.


TVs and stereos are the main cause of noise nuisance in residential areas. Drum kits and musical instruments can constitute a statutory noise nuisance if played for long periods of time or in a confined space (such as a block of flats).

What you can do

Make a note of the precise address of the premises from which the noise is coming.

Before reporting this to the council you must attempt to speak to the person responsible for the noise. Make them aware of how it is affecting you and ask them to prevent the cause of the noise. Only report to the council if your contact is unsuccessful.

What we need to know

  • Frequency - has it happened before and if so when?
  • Duration - how long do the periods of noise last?
  • Affecting others - the council (and ultimately the criminal court) has to be satisfied that the problem is an unreasonable and substantial interference with your life.

Before reporting this to the council, you must download the diary sheet [103KB] and complete it for at least two weeks to establish a pattern of significant nuisance. Send the completed diary sheet with your report so that the need for action can be assessed.

What we can do  

We will send a letter and advice to the person responsible for the noise. If this is not successful, and the evidence of diary sheets is sufficient to make it reasonable for an officer to take the matter further, officers will attempt to witness the noise by visiting your address on a maximum of three occasions. Officers will gather information from you about the nuisance and will contact the person who is making the noise. If the level of disturbance is considered substantial enough to be a statutory noise nuisance, then officers can serve a Noise Abatement Notice.

If they do not hear noise to a level which warrants enforcement action, you will be informed and given advice about how to complain to a magistrates court [540KB].

If the noise is happening now?

Telephone the council on 01895 556000 Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm and an officer will do their best to visit your property on the same day to witness the noise first hand.

If the noise is happening outside office hours, you can call the out of hours service.

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