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DIY noise

Noise from DIY activities can be a disturbance if it is continuous or at unreasonable hours. Find out how to report it.


What is DIY

DIY covers simple household tasks like:

  • putting up shelves
  • decorating
  • gardening
  • car maintenance

DIY does not cover larger scale works such as alterations to walls or building an extension (even if the work is carried out by the householder), in which case the hours of work must then be limited to those for larger building works.

You should only report to the council if it is creating a substantial noise or nuisance.

Using consideration

All residents should be mindful of their neighbours and do all they can not to make unnecessary noise when carrying out DIY work, gardening or car repairs by keeping noisy activities to reasonable hours.

What you can do

Make a note of the precise address of the premises from which the noise is coming.

Before you report this issue to the council you must attempt to speak to the person responsible for the noise to make them aware of how it is affecting you and to ask them to prevent the cause of the noise.  Please only report to the council if your contact is resisted.

Think about the following points:

  • Frequency - occasional noise is not something the council can deal with.
  • Duration - short periods of noise (up to five minutes) are not something the council can deal with, however often it happens.
  • Affecting others - the council (and ultimately the criminal court) has to be satisfied that the problem is an unreasonable and substantial interference with your life.

If you have to report to the council, you must download a diary sheet [103KB] and complete it for at least two weeks to establish that there is a pattern of significant nuisance. You should then send in the diary sheet with your report so that the need for action can be assessed.

Report noise

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