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Fireworks noise

Fireworks can frighten vulnerable people, children, elderly and animals. They can be intimidated and scared by firework noise. Late at night they also disturb our sleep.


Time restrictions

The restrictions on the use of fireworks contained in the Firework Regulations 2004 are enforced by the police but the council may intervene if a statutory noise nuisance is being created.

It is prohibited to use fireworks at night (after 11pm and until 7am), with extensions for the following festivals:

  • until 1am on the night of the Chinese New Year
  • until 1am on the night of Diwali
  • until 1am on New Years Eve
  • until midnight on 5 November

What we can do 

The use of fireworks may not be of sufficient duration to be regarded as a statutory noise nuisance.

It may be difficult to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that any one event or person is responsible when there may be many similar events in the locality.

The brief nature of typical firework usage may prevent officers from gaining sufficient evidence.

What you can do

If you wish to report this issue, the following information will be requested.

  • Confirmation - you will be asked to confirm that the noise is continuous and has happened persistently over a period of time.
  • Description - of the exact times and dates when it occurred, how long it lasted, and what was the effect on you.
  • Details - precise name and address of the person causing the noise.

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