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Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are those which are not wanted by the owner, who has left the car and does not intend to use it again.

Abandoned vehicle

Before you start

Please note: just because a vehicle is poorly parked, or not believed to belong to a resident in the road, does not mean it is abandoned.

An abandoned vehicle will usually be:

Plus at least one of the following:

  • not used for more than a month (ie not moved)
  • in very poor condition and possibly damaged
  • containing waste or rubbish


  • Vehicles which are dangerously parked - contact the Police (call 101).
  • Untaxed but not abandoned (ie being used) vehicles - report to the DVLA.
  • Illegal parking on a public highway - report to parking enforcement.
  • Vehicles on private land can be inspected if the landowner requests.

What we need to know

To report an abandoned vehicle you will need:

Report an abandoned vehicle

What happens next

Our officer will contact the owner, where possible, to either remove it or claim it. If the owner cannot be traced the vehicle may be towed away for a short period of storage before disposal. If the owner then wishes to recover the vehicle from the council's abandoned vehicle contractor they will have to pay the collection and storage charges.

Vehicles which are burnt out or in a dangerously damaged condition may be removed immediately without prior notice to the owner.

Vehicles inspected and not considered abandoned will not normally be considered for re-inspection until they have been unmoved for at least three months from the date of the report.

Numbers of abandoned vehicles

Year      Removed for storage at
the pound and eventual disposal
Removed for immediate
disposal (wrecks)
Surrendered by owner     Totals

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