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Resident parking

If you have a valid resident parking permit or a visitor voucher you can park in bays displaying a "Permit holders only" sign.

Permit holders only sign

Operating times

Operating times of permit holders only bays vary, depending where you park in the borough.

The most common operating times are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The operating hours and the zone of permit holders only bays are shown on signs located at each parking bay.

During the operating hours these parking bays are reserved for permit holders of a specific zone. Vehicles displaying a valid visitor voucher for that zone or a valid Blue Badge are also permitted to park in a permit holders only bay without a time limit.

Outside the operating hours anyone can park in a permit holders only bays.

How to apply for a parking permit »

Suspension of permit holders only parking bays

We may have to suspend permit holders only bays for a number of reasons, for example for roadworks or a skip placement. If we do this, we will normally give three days' notice (unless it is an emergency) before the suspension becomes operational.

Suspension warning signs will be erected on the nearest resident sign post to a parking bay or parking space where the suspension will take place. These signs will indicate the operating times of the suspension. Whilst we aim to place warning signs on the nearest sign post, this is not always possible.

Parking will not be permitted in the suspended bay/space during the operating hours of the parking suspension.

Parking enforcement

Contact our Parking Enforcement team »

Contact our Parking Enforcement hotline »

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