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Hillingdon pay and display machines

Our pay and display machines are inspected every day by engineers for any obvious faults.

PD Machine

Our engineers also check pay and display machines when civil enforcement officers and members of the public report any faults to them.

What to do if a pay and display machine is out of service?

If a pay and display machine is out of service you can park in a pay and display bay served by the out of service machine for up to a maximum stay permitted.

The maximum stay permitted is displayed on the terms and condition of use and on pay and display signs.

If you overstay the maximum stay permitted you are liable to be issued with a parking ticket.

What to do if a pay and display machine is not accepting money or not issuing tickets?

If a pay and display machine is not accepting money or is not issuing tickets you should:

  • report the fault by telephoning the number on the machine. Normally we would allow you to stay in the pay and display bay for up to the maximum stay permitted, for example two hours 
  • not obtain a pay and display ticket from another machine. Only tickets obtained from a pay and display machine relating to the pay and display bay where your vehicle is parked can be used

How to get a refund for money lost in a pay and display machine?

If you have lost money in the machine, please email the Parking Services at carparks@hillingdon.gov.uk. You will need to provide the following information:

  • your name and address
  • the date you experienced the problem
  • the number of the pay-and-display machine
  • description of the problem
  • the amount of money that you have lost

When it has been confirmed that the machine was faulty, we will send you a parking voucher that will allow you to park free of charge for one day in our car parks or on street pay and display bays.

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