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Accessing charge points

In Hillingdon there are two main suppliers of charge points, each with their own membership schemes and access arrangements.

Two vehicles charging

The relatively new market for electric vehicles has resulted in a range of manufacturers supplying points across the UK, each with their own membership schemes or access arrangements.

While access compatibility between charge points is increasing, there is currently no single membership scheme that enables electric vehicle users to access charge points provided by different manufactures. As a result membership process and charging accessories (charging leads and RFID tags) for gaining access to charge points in different regions will vary depending on the charge point supplier.

The number of public charge points is growing across London and the UK, and the government has established initiatives to encourage investment in a joined up national charging infrastructure for the future. For example, the 'Plugged in Places' programme has been setup to support the installation of charge points in key regions throughout the UK and Transport for London has established Source London as the 'one-stop-shop' for accessing a joined-up charging infrastructure across the Capital.

Source London

Transport for London (TfL) has launched the Source London membership scheme as the city wide electric vehicle charging network. The aims to install and make available 1,300 charge points across London by 2013. By signing up to the membership scheme EV users will be able to obtain advice and information about electric vehicles, and pay an annual subscription fee to receive an RFID (access tag) that will unlock any of the Source London charge points.

Hillingdon has signed up to the Source London network and is working with TfL to make all charge points in the borough available under the Source London network in the future.

Further information about Source London »

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