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Report potholes or damage

Find out how to report road potholes, paving, footway or street furniture problems.


We have three rhino patch machines that will make a repair to a pothole which is quicker, longer lasting, costs less and produces around 80 percent less CO2 compared to traditional road repair methods.

Because no joins are left between the old and new surface, water is unable to leak into cracks and cause repeat problems. If you see a pothole, please report below.

Road potholes

Footway potholes

Other road, paving and footway issues  

Road sign defects

Road works enquiry

Road markings

Road or footpath flooding

Maintaining street furniture

Replacement and maintenance of:

  • crash barriers
  • pedestrian guard rails
  • bollards and barriers
  • width restriction apparatus
  • highway walls and fences
  • street nameplates
  • seats
  • litter bins

Please report below if you notice any street furniture in need of maintenance or replacing.

Street furniture repairs

Driving across pavements

Driving across pavements and verges or placing building materials on them can cause damage to the pavement and underground pipes and cables.

Report it if you witness a vehicle being driven over pavement causing it to break or building materials being stored on it.

A vehicle crossover prevents damage to the pavement and any utility services that are below the surface.

What you can do

If you see someone regularly driving over the pavement or causing damage to the pavement or verge please complete a diary sheet [103KB] noting down the precise details of what happened. A photo would be very useful too.

The following information will be required:

  • the exact times and dates when it occurred
  • the name and address of the person responsible, if this is known
  • precise details of the registration number, type of vehicle and any phone number or company name shown on the vehicle

Report driving across pavements

Obstructing a road or pavement

Anything which is placed on a road or pavement without the council's permission may be an obstruction which should be removed. Also, bushes or hedges which prevent the normal use of the pavement or obscure a street sign or light, should be cut back.

Report obstructions

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