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Arts Grants further information

Find out more information about applying for Arts Grant funding for groups and individuals.

No group can apply for funding more than twice in any year. Individuals can only apply for funding once in every year.

You must use the forms provided for your application, although you may supply supplementary documents eg your budget on separate sheets if preferred.

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Professional arts groups

Provided the project has demonstrable community benefit to Hillingdon residents, professional arts organisations may apply.

Supplying accounts

Grant applications are primarily assessed for their artistic merit, but also on the basis of priority. Whilst we understand the need to hold financial reserves as a contingency against unexpected losses, groups and societies who are already doing well financially may need support less than smaller groups, who might wish to take their work to a new level but lack the capital funds to do so.


Whilst we will not fund the purchase of materials for individuals, we also realise that sometimes supporting the artistic community in Hillingdon can mean addressing the needs of individuals to enable them to better themselves professionally. For example, if you are a disabled artist, you may be eligible to apply for a grant to cover the cost of specialised equipment or software you may need to be able to work. If you are unsure about your application, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Setting up new groups

If you are looking to set up a new group of any kind, you will need to apply as an individual and state within your application the nature of the group you wish to set up and the manner in which it will, if successful, be managed in the future.

Larger projects

If your project carries a larger budget than our grants scheme can accommodate, we strongly suggest you seek the additional funds required elsewhere, for example through obtaining sponsorship. The limit on our funding is imposed to ensure that we distribute our funds as widely and evenly as possible. However, in very special circumstances we may make an exception. You would need to discuss this with us before entering an application.


The assessment process for your grant will take roughly three months. If successful, you will receive a confirmation letter and will be asked to supply your bank details. Payment should be made directly to your bank within four to six weeks of the date of this letter. You will need to factor these timescales into your planning process.

Conditions of funding

Every successful applicant is required to display the London Borough of Hillingdon logo on publicity materials and programmes.

Occasionally we will impose conditional offers of funding in order to ensure a project runs successfully. For example, we may fund a project on the condition that you are able to prove to us that you have an adequate marketing strategy to take it forward, or that you obtain necessary permissions or insurance.

Cancelled projects

Funding is offered for specific projects and we reserve the right to withdraw funding from any applicants who are not able to fulfil the project as agreed. You may however reapply for a separate project if you wish. We will also require a detailed report of what happened with your project and why it did not happen as planned.

Report forms

Your activity report form tells us what happened during and after your project, your final income and expenditure figures and who benefited. This enables us to establish what our money has created and to understand the effectiveness of our service. Where requested, you will be required to supply receipts for the purchase of items funded by the arts grant.



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