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Flourishing produce on display at the 2013 Autumn Show

A bumper crop of locally-grown flowers and produce impressed the judges at the Hillingdon in Bloom Autumn Show and Fruit and Vegetable competition, which took place on Saturday 21 September 2013.

Autumn show



The event is run by Hillingdon Council to showcase the talent of gardeners across the borough as part of the Hillingdon in Bloom, London in Bloom and Britain in Bloom awards.

People gathered at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge from 12 noon to admire the 93 entries vying to win a range of horticultural prizes, which included gardening equipment, Royal Horticultural Society books and garden centre gift vouchers.

The difficult task of picking the winners was taken on by

  • Gerry Edwards - Royal Horticultural Society fruit judge and National Vegetable Society judge
  • The Mayor of Hillingdon Cllr Allan Kauffman
  • Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Cabinet Member for Finance, Property and Business Services
  • Jeff Sarnicki from the council's Green Spaces team

A Gardeners' Question Time was also held to give advice on issues ranging from potato pests to trailing petunias.

Residents who attended could also browse stalls run by Hillingdon Council's Adult education team, the London Wildlife Trust, Friends of Eastcote House Gardens and the Rural Activities Garden Centre, as well as enjoying the creations of a children's balloon artist.


Cress in a dish (under 7 years old)

  1. Benjamin Handley
  2. Carly Smith
  3. Paarth Patel

Ornamental garden in seed tray (under 7)

  • Benjamin Handley

Vegetable art (under 7)

  1. Benjamin Handley
  2. Isaac Jones
  3. Josh Hartley

Cress in a dish (8 - 11 years old)

  1. Lexie Crabtree
  2. Alyssa Rose
  3. Nicole Ioannou

Ornamental garden in seed tray (8-11 years)

  1. 6th Northwood Brownies - group 1
  2. 6th Northwood Brownies group 2
  3. 6th Northwood Brownies group 3

Vegetable art  (8-11 years)

  1. Tito Oshewa
  2. Alyssa Rose
  3. Cody Drake

Kauffman Cup for young horticulturalist of the year

  1. Tito Oshewa

Apples - cooking

  1. Friends of Eastcote House Gardens
  2. RAGC
  3. Mrs and Mrs Hand

Apples - dessert

  1. Rhys Jaggar
  2. RAGC
  3. Brenda Gardener

Pear - dessert

  • RAGC


  1. Brenda Gardener
  2. RAGC


  • RAGC


  1. RAGC
  2. Brenda Gardener
  3. Eastcote House Gardens

Potatoes - white

  1. RAGC

Potatoes other than white

  1. RAGC
  2. Nina Carmelita Denis

Tomatoes - medium

  1. Rhys Jaggar
  2. Nina Carmelita Denis

Tomatoes - small fruited

  1. Brenda Gardner
  2. RAGC
  3. Rhys

Trug or basket of vegetables

  1. Mr Harold P Dixon (Best in show)
  2. RAGC
  3. Rhys Jaggar

Vase of mixed flowers

  • Friends of Eastcote House Gardens

Vegetable art

  1. Arianna Puddu
  2. Mrs Clare Potter
  3. Mrs Monika Bose

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