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The petition process allows the residents of Hillingdon to have direct influence on the decision-making process and to raise concerns that are important to them.

An e-Petition can be a faster, more convenient alternative to a more traditional paper petition. On this page you can view current e-Petitions, sign-up to them or set-up your own one. 

From 6 July 2018, all new electronic petitions about council services will need a minimum of 100 signatories from people living within Hillingdon to be formally considered.

View current e-Petitions or sign-up to one

Sign a current e-Petition

If you wish to sign up to a current e-Petition that someone has created, you will need to first register with your name, email address and postal address, unless you have previously used this facility.

Set-up your own e-Petition

If you want to set up an e-Petition, you will also need to register first with your name, email address and postal address.

Guidance on how you can set up an ePetition [411KB] »

What information should I include on an e-Petition?

When you set up an e-Petition, you will need to include:

  1. a title for your petition
  2. the reason for your petition
  3. what action you want the council to take
  4. when you want the petition to end (maximum of three months)

Setting when you want the petition to end

A maximum of three months is allowed to collect valid signatories to your e-Petition. However, you may wish to set a shorter time-frame, particularly if your petition relates to a live planning application, where you will need to receive signatories to your petition before the application is determined. Democratic Services can advise further on time-frames to assist you.

Accepting your petition and setting the e-Petition to 'live'

When you submit your petition, it will not automatically go 'live', as we will need to review it first to ensure you have included sufficient information and we may also perhaps suggest some helpful improvements to it. We will email you when your petition has been accepted and it has gone 'live' on our website, so that you can then email the link to other residents that may wish to sign it - or point them instead to the council's website.

Please note that e-Petitions submitted may be rejected if they are inappropriate, not feasible and do not relate to matters which are the direct responsibility of the council. There are other justifiable reasons why the council may not accept a petition and these can be found in our  Petition Scheme [316KB].

Getting sufficient signatories to your petition

To be valid, e-Petitions must have sufficient signatories to it by the date that the e-Petition closes. The council will then formally consider your petition and respond to the matter. 

  • For e-Petitions about council services: we require a minimum of 100 signatories of residents who live within the borough.
  • For e-Petitions about live planning or licensing applications: we required a minimum of 20 signatories of residents who live within the borough.

More than one person from each household in the borough can sign a petition. There are no age restrictions. You may wish to email the link to other residents to sign it - or point them instead to the council's website.

What happens when the e-Petition has closed?

Once your petition has closed and reached the required number of signatories, it becomes valid and the council will formally consider it. We will contact you once your petition has closed to let you know what will happen next. We will also send a copy of the petition to Ward Councillors and the relevant Members and officers. What we do next will depend on what you are asking for but we will keep you updated on any action that is taken. If your petition is valid you then have the right for it to be considered:

  • [if about a council service matter] at a Petition Hearing with the relevant Cabinet Member, unless the council can resolve the matter to your satisfaction beforehand. Find out more.
  • [if about a live planning or licensing application] at the relevant committee about the matter before a decision is made, where you will have the opportunity to speak directly to decision-makers. Find out more.

Can I use an alternative e-Petition facility?

Yes. The council accepts other electronic petitions as long as, when submitted to us, they include a name and an indication of residency in the Borough as part of the relevant electronic petition system being used. The system being used should also have asked for a valid email address from each signatory and we may ask you to confirm this.


E-Petitions are a useful facility for residents to express their democratic views on local matters, however, Hillingdon Council accepts no liability for the e-Petitions on these web pages and the views expressed in them do not necessarily reflect those of the council or other providers mentioned. The council reserves the right to review proposed petitions and reject them as set out in our Petition Scheme.

Set up a new e-Petition

Further information

More detailed information about the Petition Scheme can be found in Part 5F of the Council's Constitution.

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