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Scheduled ancient monuments (SAM)

Hillingdon is rich in archaeology and its archaeological remains are an important and valuable local and national resource.

Once on the schedule, Scheduled Monument Consent is needed from the Secretary of State for any works to the monument. Under the Town and Country Planning General Development Order 1988, local authorities are also required to notify Historic England of any applications for planning permission, which might affect a scheduled Ancient Monument.

Monuments are scheduled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, on the advice of Historic England, based on the following criteria:

  • the extent of survival
  • current condition
  • rarity
  • representivity, either through diversity or because of one important attribute
  • importance of the period to which the monument dates
  • fragility
  • relationship to other monuments (also known as group value)
  • potential to contribute to our understanding and appreciation of the past
  • extent of documentation enhancing the monument's significance

It is against the law to:

  • disturb a scheduled monument by carrying out works without consent
  • cause reckless or deliberate damage to a scheduled monument
  • use a metal detector or remove an object found with one without a licence from Historic England

There are currently five SAMs in the Borough:

  • Brackenbury Farm Moated Site, Ickenham: Medieval moated site with a grade II* listed house, Breakspear Road South.
  • Manor Farm Moat, Ickenham: Large medieval moated site surrounding the Manor House, Long Lane, Ickenham
  • Park Pale, Ruislip: Earthwork forming the boundary of the medieval deer park.
  • Pynchester Moat, Ickenham: Medieval moated site by the River Pinn, located in the woods near Copthall Road West. The only surviving moat in Hillingdon that is still complete.
  • Ruislip Motte and Bailey: An early medieval motte and bailey, the II listed Manor House being built within the bailey at Manor Farm, Ruislip.

For further guidance refer to Department of Culture Media and Sports guidelines [178KB] and English Heritage guide for owners [61KB].

Information and guidance is also available from Historic England.

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