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Condoms should be used to protect against STIs and are free to the under 25s.


What is a C-Card?

  • A free plastic card that lets you get free condoms, lubricants and sexual health information from a number of outlets across Hillingdon.  
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  • Your C-Card will give you access to condoms, femidoms, dental dams or sexual health information whenever you want to, whether you are having sex, thinking about having sex or you are just curious.

How to get a C-Card?

  • Provide some basic information which will be confidentially kept and only used for monitoring the scheme.
  • If you are aged 13 to 25 years, inclusive, and would like to get a C-Card, call or text 01895 259133.
  • You can only register at a registration outlet but once registered you can get free condoms and lubricants.

How do I get condoms?

  • Take your C-Card to any easy access, in the Hillingdon borough, where you see the C-Card logo.
  • Some C-Card easy access points offer more than just free condoms: information, someone to talk to, pregnancy testing and emergency contraception among others.

Why should I use condoms?

  • Condoms should be used for vaginal, anal and oral sex to protect against STIs such as Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis or HIV amongst others and to prevent unintended pregnancies. STIs are very common and may not produce symptoms so, even if you use condoms, remember to get regular screens for STIs as well. See NHS website for more information.
  • Using condoms shows you care about your sexual health and about your partner. 

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