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Health and safety

Find out about the correct enforcing authority and how to report concerns.

Whilst the main responsibility for managing health and safety lies with the business who creates the risk, your councils local environmental health officer can play an important role in ensuring the effective and proportionate management of risks. The food health and safety team are responsible for enforcing health and safety legislation in many workplaces within the London Borough of Hillingdon. An annual work plan considers national planning priorities.

Workplace Health and Safety Concerns

If you are an employee, try and resolve workplace issues directly with your employer before contacting your local authority. You may also raise such issues with your safety representative if your workplace has a recognised trade union.

HSE and Local Authority responsibilities »

If your workplace is located in another area then you should contact the respective local authority for that area

Accident reporting

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (commonly known as RIDDOR) places a duty on employers, the self-employed, and those in control of workplaces to report a range of events including certain types of accidents and dangerous occurrences. Where an accident report is accepted by the council a policy decision will be made on whether or not to investigate. This is guided by the HSE incident selection criteria guidance.

Report an Accident or Incident 

Cooling towers and legionellosis

The borough has a number of wet cooling towers which are routinely prioritised for inspection or another type of intervention in order to prevent the spread of Legionella bacteria which can cause Legionnaires Disease. Legionella growth and proliferation can be controlled and guidance on how to manage this can be obtained from the HSE Legionella and legionnaires disease index. In the event of an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease, Hillingdon council will follow the London Boroughs' Legionellosis Incident Protocol [386KB] 

The Food health and Safety Team maintains a public register of all cooling towers registered within Hillingdon. To obtain a copy of this register please contact the Food Health and Safety team.

Further information on cooling towers and general water management can also be obtained from the following organisations with affiliation to the water treatment industry.

Complaints regarding health and safety advice to business

An Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel will look into complaints regarding advice given by LA inspectors. If you think advice which is given is incorrect or goes beyond what is required to control the risk adequately, you should attempt to resolve the matter with the inspector and their manager. Failing this you may raise the issue with the Regulatory Challenge Team

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