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Asylum seeking young people

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) who have no responsible adult to care for them who are separated or 'unaccompanied' are therefore 'in need'.

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Hillingdon has a duty to assess such children when they arrive in our borough and make them looked after. This means they have all the rights of any other looked after child.

  • it is your right to feel safe, supported and be treated with dignity in the UK
  • if you feel unsafe or uncertain you can speak to you social worker or personal adviser about your concerns
  • you have a right to have an interpreter for meetings with the Home Office, doctor, dentist, social worker or solicitor if you need one
  • you have the right to access support and entitlements under the Children Act and Leaving Care Act
  • you have a right to access free education, health care and we will support you to access positive activities
  • it's important that you have relevant information about your asylum claim
  • you have the right to a pathway plan

National transfer scheme 

The national transfer scheme means that for most young people seeking asylum who present in Hillingdon, they will only stay with us for a short time until we find you somewhere else in the UK to live. This is arranged through the Home Office as part of the national transfer scheme. For young people who arrived in Hillingdon prior to July 2016 the national transfer scheme does not apply. 

While you are with us as a child looked after by Hillingdon we will provide you with:

  • a safe place to live
  • money for things like food and clothing
  • medical care if you need it
  • an allocated social worker and independent reviewing officer
  • access to education - depending on how long you are staying with us
  • an interpreter to make sure that you understand what we are telling you
  • help accessing legal representation for immigration issues
  • help accessing voluntary organisations including the Refugee Council
  • transport to your new safe place in the UK as you will only be staying in Hillingdon for a short time


There is a lot of support available to young people seeking asylum. Befriending Hillingdon Unaccompanied Minors Project has developed a BHUMPERS guide to life in London [8MB]

If you wish to access any support you should speak to your carer, social worker or personal adviser. You can also contact  Hillingdon Refugee Support Group who offer friendship, practical and emotional support and training to young unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers in order to combat their isolation and aid integration into the community.

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