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Meet our foster carers

We need foster carers from all backgrounds and ethnicities to care for children from birth to 18 years. Carers will receive training and support, plus a generous allowance and skills & training fee, up to £428.32 per week, depending on the child's age.

Meet some Hillingdon foster carers.

Hayat fosters teenagers Hayat

Hayat said: "There are so many children with no parents or family to look after them, and I knew I could care for a child and help them through life. I now foster a young person and we've come such a long way in a short space of time. I give her all the love and support she needs, and the biggest reward I get is watching her change, and seeing her looking forward to her future."

Lynn and Michael Moore Lynne and Michael foster school age children and young people

Lynn was a childminder when she started fostering 23 years ago with her husband Michael. She said: "I already had experience with children and wanted to build on my skills and give something back, so we decided to become foster carers.

The children we look after may have experienced difficult times, so we empathise, look for appropriate solutions, and gradually build a relationship with them. At the end of each day, we know we have done our best for the children, and that's really fulfilling."

Jayne and Ernie foster babies

They have been fostering for more than 16 years. Jayne and Ernie Verity

Ernie said: "When we first started fostering, we looked after children of all ages, but now we mostly look after babies and young children. We did initially really enjoy looking after teenagers, but when we had our younger children we decided that babies would fit in better with our family lifestyle." 

Jayne said: "Each baby that we look after - we give our time and our love to, and that's all they need. We give them the best start in life that we can, and it's so amazing to watch them progress in a short time. People are amazed by how happy the baby is after just a few weeks with us, sleeping well and playing. There's a huge gap when a child leaves the house, but we can't imagine not fostering now!"

"Fostering is hard work, but if you love kids and can offer a child a home in a loving environment - just try it. Even after 16 years, I'm always telling people to go along to an open evening and find out more."

Find out more about how to become a foster carer.

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