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Every pupil in Hillingdon offered a secondary school place

News release: 5/3/18 - Hillingdon Council has once again ensured that every child in the borough has a secondary school place, according to school admissions results issued on Thursday 1 March.

News release: 05 March 2018

In Hillingdon, 95.1 per cent of pupils received one of their preferred secondary school choices, with 88 per cent of applicants receiving one of their top three schools.   

The council received a record high of 3,441 applications this year and Hillingdon remains the top borough in west London for families receiving an offer at one of their preferred secondary schools. 

67.6 per cent of Hillingdon pupils received their first choice, placing the borough above the London average. 

Councillor David Simmonds, Cabinet Member for Education and Children's Services said: "Once again, we are delighted to announce that every child in Hillingdon has been offered a secondary school place and are pleased that so many of our local children received their preferred choice.

"To meet the growing demand for school places in the borough, we have invested £9.7 million to rebuild and expand Oak Wood School in Hillingdon, formerly Abbotsfield School, which will provide 1,350 secondary school places in the borough. 

"We have also approved plans to offer an additional 300 secondary school places at Vyners School in Ickenham, and the expansion of Ruislip High School will create a further 174 extra places for future admissions. Education is a top priority for the council and academic attainment for children and young people in Hillingdon continues to be very positive."

London saw an increase of applications of 4.4 per cent compared to last year, reflecting a growing population and a higher demand for school places. To meet the challenge, Hillingdon Council is investing £260 million into its school expansions programme, which is one of the largest in London.

For more information about post allocation processes visit Starting secondary school

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