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Young Curator Project - Paige

Our Young Curator, Paige, spent her summer holidays recreating many familiar items from World War Two and even tried a few suppers on rations.

Young Curator Project 4

Paige documented all of her work in a hand-made folder, leaving her teachers very impressed with her hard work and dedication.

Paige made clothes from spare curtain material, built an Anderson shelter, and even grew healthy vegetables in her garden. She also did lots of research into the timeline of the World War II, made herself an ID, a ration book, and a gas mask. This style of gas mask was made for children of Paige's age as it was intended to bear a resemblance to Mickey Mouse!  

When her teachers got in contact with curatorial staff at Hillingdon Heritage we were really impressed with the dedication Paige had shown towards her project. She was invited in to meet with our Local Studies Curator and between them they put together a display. By using real historical documents, photographs, and objects alongside Paige's project, a very colourful and informative display has been created, which is now free to view on the 6th Floor of Uxbridge Library. 

With this success Hillingdon Heritage are on the lookout for their next Young Curator!

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