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Weddings - policies, terms and conditions

Your booking is subject to the following terms and conditions, please read these carefully.

These terms and conditions are divided into the following sections:

  • Ceremonies terms and conditions
  • Appointments terms and conditions
  • Rebooking, rescheduling and cancellation policy
  • General terms and conditions

Ceremonies terms and conditions

Your ceremony booking is accepted subject to the terms and conditions set out below and on the basis that you agree to the terms and conditions in their entirety. A ceremony for the purpose of the booking policy is defined as a:

  • A - Marriage Ceremony
  • B - Civil Partnership Ceremony
  • C - Celebratory Ceremony
  • D - Renewal of Vows
  • E - Naming Ceremony

The full amount of the relevant fee for the ceremony must be paid at the time of the booking to secure a date for your ceremony in our diary.

In the event of cancellation 50% of this fee will be refunded if notification is received in writing at least 28 days prior to the ceremony date. Your refund will be sent 14 days after such notification. If the ceremony is booked within 28 days of the ceremony taking place and you cancel, the full fee will be forfeited.

Any alterations to the date or time of the ceremony must be notified in writing at least 28 days prior to the original date and will incur an administration fee of £25.

It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure that they complete the legal preliminaries to the marriage correctly, and within the statutory time limits. These will have been explained by the registrar at the appointment for the taking of the marriage notices.

If at any point it is alleged that a legal impediment to a marriage or civil partnership exists, the Superintendent Registrar has a legal duty to investigate before the ceremony can take place. Hillingdon Register Office cannot be held accountable for any resulting delay, postponement or cancellation of your ceremony and financial loss that may occur.

If either party has gone through a foreign divorce/dissolution of a previous marriage/civil partnership and decide to book a ceremony against the advice of Hillingdon Registration Service, before the divorce/dissolution has been approved, no refunds or financial compensation will be given if the marriage cannot take place due to the time taken for the General Registrar Office to process the application or for any decision made by them.

The couple must arrive no later than 20 minutes before the ceremony start time. In the event of late arrival your ceremony will be subject to rebooking and the full fee for the ceremony will apply.

Hillingdon Registration Service will not be held responsible for any financial loss, delay, postponement or cancellation caused by the late arrival of the couple or guests. The registrars attending your ceremony may have other ceremonies to attend throughout the day, and cannot allow lateness of one ceremony to impact upon another.

The ceremony must be legally compliant and of a dignified nature. Hillingdon Registration Service shall have the final decision on the content of the ceremony from start to finish.

Your registrar reserves the right to stop your ceremony from proceeding if:

  • Either of the parties appear to be acting under duress.
  • Either of the parties to a marriage or civil partnership appear to be intoxicated and are therefore unable to understand the nature and purport of the ceremony.
  • Either of the parties to a marriage or civil partnership appear to lack the mental capacity to understand the nature and purport of the ceremony.
  • A lawful objection is made before or during the ceremony.

No food, drink (including alcohol), smoking, e-cigarettes or animals with the exception of assistance dogs are permitted at Hillingdon Register Office, or in ceremony rooms at other licensed venues.

Any gifts, flowers or general goods delivered to or left at the Register Office in conjunction with your ceremony are not the responsibility of the staff at the Register Office.

Hillingdon Registration Service will allocate staff to attend your ceremony but is unable to guarantee the attendance of an individual registrar, and reserves the right to substitute other qualified staff in the event of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances on the day.

You must provide two witnesses who are over the age of 16 and can speak and understand English to witness the marriage/civil partnership. Hillingdon Registration Service staff cannot act as witnesses. It is your duty to provide witnesses for your ceremony.

It is an offence under section 25(1) of the Immigration Act 1971 to enter into a marriage to help facilitate a stay in the United Kingdom. If a ceremony or appointment does not go ahead due to UK Visa and Immigration intervention, no refund shall be payable or financial compensation given for any losses incurred.

1.  Appointments terms and conditions

Your appointment booking is accepted subject to terms and conditions set out on this page and on the basis that you agree to the terms and conditions in their entirety.

All customers who have appointments with Hillingdon Registration Service must arrive at the agreed time of their appointment.

Customers who arrive late for their appointments will not be seen and are subject to the rescheduling and rebooking policy below.

Customers agree to provide all original documentation required (as per the guidance on our website) at the time of their appointment. Customers arriving without the correct documentation will not be seen and are subject to the rescheduling and rebooking policy below. Photocopies/scanned copies will not be accepted.

Customers with foreign divorces agree to provide the documentation required by the General Register Office in order to assess if their divorce is valid in England and Wales.

2. Rescheduling and cancellation policy

Rescheduling appointments - All appointments that have been charged a booking fee, can be rescheduled once (subject to availability) provided you give 48 hours or more notice. Any further changes will result in the full fee being charged. Appointments can be rescheduled in writing - by letter (the 48 hours will be measure from receipt of your message) or email, by telephone or by personal attendance at Hillingdon Register Office.

Ceremonies - All ceremonies can be rescheduled to a different day or time at chosen licensed venue. An administration fee of £25 will be payable each time a change is made.

If the change is made less than four weeks (28 days) before the original booking, the booking is subject to our cancellation policy. A fresh booking would need to be made and paid in full.

If the alternative date incurs a higher fee, the difference must be paid at the time of rescheduling. If your alternative date or room has a lower fee the difference will be refunded providing this is at least 4 weeks (28 days) before the original ceremony date.

Once you change or reschedule a ceremony you lose your rights to a refund at a later date.

Ceremonies can be rescheduled in writing - by letter or email, by telephone or by personal attendance at Hillingdon Register Office.

Cancellations - Failure to attend your ceremony will be considered a cancellation without sufficient notice, and as such no fees will be refunded.

Ceremonies must be cancelled in writing - by letter or email only. You will need to include the full details of the ceremony booking (the date, time, venue and your full names) and the method of payment. It is also helpful if you are able to supply the date of payment and/or the authorisation code number which can be found on the payment receipt.

Cancellation requests should be sent to: The Superintendent Registrar, Hillingdon Register Office, Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW or emailed to: registeroffice@hillingdon.gov.uk

General terms and conditions

In the event of an emergency, disaster or extreme weather conditions Hillingdon Registration Service will do everything it can to ensure your ceremony/appointment takes place on your chosen day and at the allotted time. However, Hillingdon Registration Service cannot be held responsible and is not liable for any ceremony/appointment which has to be cancelled as a result of such events, which are outside our control.

For fire safety the maximum capacity of all licensed venues may not be exceeded. If the number of guest exceeds the capacity of the room some guests will be excluded. Small children under the age of five may sit on an adult's lap. Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour, flower girls, pageboys and Groomsmen must be seated throughout the ceremony.

There may be a maximum of two photographers and one videographer at their ceremony. No plug in devices for music is permitted. Any other recording is not permitted.

Ceremonies can only take place in venues that have been licensed for this purpose. Hillingdon Registration Service cannot take responsibility for any failure on the part of licensed venues to provide additional services, not covered by this licence.

We strongly recommend that all of our customers take out their own independent insurance against the possibility of cancellation or the postponement of any part of their celebrations.

Appointments are: Notices of Marriage, Notice of Civil Partnership, and Private Citizenship Ceremonies.

Ceremonies are: Marriages, Civil Partnership Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows or Naming Ceremonies.

Wedding Terms and Conditions [276KB]

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