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Contaminated land enquiries

Find out if your property may be affected by contamination.

This enquiry process applies to land contamination enquiries other than those dealt with by Local Land Charges (Searches). This may include enquiries in relation to:

  • an initial report provided by a private enquiry service such as Envirocheck or Groundsure to a solicitor or home buyer/seller
  • a Solicitors' direct enquiry to the Planning Specialists team in relation to the buying and selling of residential or commercial property
  • environmental Consultant/Company enquiry as part of a property transaction, development, or due diligence exercise
  • individuals interested in collecting information on their own property

You are advised the information is provided under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and is specifically from records held by the Planning Specialists team and may not be exhaustive. The service does not include an interpretation of the information. Officers will endeavour to deal with more urgent enquiries within 5 working days. Information will not normally be given over the phone. Please attach a map to the enquiry form showing the site boundary for commercial enquiries.

If you wish to go a head with the enquiry, carefully fill in the form below. The form requires that you accept the flat rate charge of £60 + VAT for residential enquiries, and £150 + VAT for commercial enquiries.

Enquiry form

Alternatively, you send a letter stating your acceptance of the charge and your specific questions to the Planning Specialists team, enclosing a correct fee payable to London Borough of Hillingdon.

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