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What we buy

Details of the purchases made within the London Borough of Hillingdon (LBH), the way we buy and the opportunities that exist for companies wishing to do business with the council.

The council buys a wide variety of goods, services and works. It is the responsibility of procurement to ensure that this money is spent wisely with the emphasis on putting our residents first by providing best value.

A non-exhaustive list of types of commodities or services purchased:

  • agency staff
  • consultancy services
  • community services
  • construction services
  • environmental health
  • food items
  • green spaces services
  • highway management
  • housing services
  • information technology
  • janitorial products
  • library materials
  • office furniture/suppliers
  • residential care
  • social care
  • school and children's services
  • vehicle hire/leasing
  • vehicles
  • waste management

As part of the procurement exercise, Hillingdon Council may engage with suppliers within the context of "soft market testing". The aim of such market testing is to liaise with suppliers to get an overview of the market within which we are operating and to identify the most appropriate method of tendering for future requirements.

Such an exercise is carried out independently of any tender and as such does not guarantee an invitation to participate in future tenders nor will any supplier be discounted from a tender process as a result of not participating in the market testing exercise.

The London Borough of Hillingdon spends millions of pounds on procurement each year, providing companies of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities.
This is an online tendering system that provides a central source of information for all of the council's tenders.
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