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Ruislip Woods

Ruislip Lido to Harefield Church 4 miles - 3 hours.

  • The walk starts at Ruislip Lido.
  • The gate at the end of Reservoir Road, gives access to Poors Field, there is a large car park here. 
  • Go along the path, across Poors Field for 180 metres, to the signpost. Bear left at the sign, going up the slope to a pond.
  • Proceed to the footpath post. Cross a ditch at the start of the woodland proper and enter Copse Wood.
  • Now go north-west for 230 metres, to the corner of the former Battle of Britain House.
  • Continue on the path as far as Ducks Hill Road, cross with care to the stile opposite and enter Mad Bess Wood. Keep along the main footpath of the wood.
  • Cross the old "Green Lane", the surviving portion of a lane which used to link Jackets Lane and Breakspear Road, for transportation of gravel.
  • Keep walking, until the route turns south-west, down a slope to a plank bridge over a stream, another 240 metres away.
  • Proceed to Breakspear Road North. Cross with care to enter Bayhurst Wood, via the driveway.
  • Continue on the main drive, down the slope to the pond. Leave the pond, using the path going up the steep slope, to the main picnic site.
  • Stay on this path, to the picnic site. Continue west to the edge of the wood and on past the entrance to Tarleton's Lake Nature Reserve to the stile at the junction with the old driveway to Breakspear House.
  • Go over the stile and follow the path through the belt of trees for 150 metres.
  • Cross the next stile and go along the field edge to the top of the slope and cross the stile.
  • Walk over another stile a few metres away and enter the field, with the woodland on the right, keeping to the fence, go to the footpath sign and stile in the corner of the field.
  • The Trail continues north-west, along the hedgerow, down to the stile, through a kissinggate, beneath some fine old specimen trees passing a pond on the left and two more on the right.
  • Continue down the slope, go over the stile (note that the right of way does not follow the churchyard wall) over the next stile after 90 metres to the stile and footpath post at the driveway

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