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Yeading Valley

Yeading Lane to A40 - 3 miles, 2 to 2.5 hours.

  • The walk starts at Yeading Lane.
  • From Yeading Lane walk across the open space to the bridge over Yeading Brook.
  • Cross the open space, to the bridge over Yeading Brook opposite Warley Road, keeping the Brook on your left.
  • Continue north along the side of the Brook to Kingshill Avenue.
  • Walk across the road and Yeading Brook, continue past the football pitch then turn right.
  • Follow the footpath ahead to Charville Lane, turn right and go to Golden Bridge. 
  • Walk across Charville Lane from the Golden Bridge and continue north along the track.
  • Go over the Yeading Brook. Follow the bank northwards for a short distance before leaving the brook to enter Ten Acre Wood.
  • Ten Acre Wood is a 19th century plantation of oak over hazel coppice and London Wildlife Trust manage this land, for the benefit of wildlife.
  • Follow the path crossing a wooden bridge over a ditch to enter a wet meadow and cross Yeading Brook via a bridge.
  • Cross the stile, pass along the southern edge of a grazed field and cross the canal feeder.
  • Go along the northern edge of a grazed field, then into another field and proceed westwards towards Gutteridge Wood.
  • Enter Gutteridge Wood and follow the trail, over the Canal Feeder, to the bank of Yeading Brook emerging at Lynhurst Crescent Open Space.
  • Proceed along the path, turning right along the rear access of the houses.
  • Continue behind the houses, then west onto a path across the open space, then north to the A40.

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