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Local Implementation Plan

Hillingdon's Local Implementation Plan (LIP) sets out how the council proposes to implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy (MTS) and provides details on transport strategy, projects, proposals and programmes from 2011.

Uxbridge station

The LIP allows the council to plan strategically to meet current and future transport challenges and achieve the council's overriding ambitions to be an attractive and sustainable borough.

The LIP transport policies, programme and long term aspirations address demands on the existing transport network to not only maintain the existing network but improve mobility and access to employment, retail and leisure opportunities. It enables key centres, including Uxbridge, Hayes and West Drayton in the south, and Ruislip Manor in the north to remain competitive and delivery of new jobs in the Heathrow opportunity area as well as local economic growth, housing development and regeneration.

An essential aspect of the LIP is the council's role as a partner, which for Hillingdon means working closely with Transport for London (TFL), transport operators, Heathrow Airport Limited, local businesses, community groups and the wider public to deliver a range of improvements that help change the way people travel. Some of the proposed improvements within the LIP can be implemented by the borough, using its statutory planning, highways and network management and parking powers. Other improvements, particularly the larger, longer term projects, need to be delivered in partnership. For example, improvements to the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), and at rail and underground stations.

The LIP comprises objectives through the life of the MTS to 2031 and a three year delivery plan, including the more immediate projects from 2011-2014, as well as those larger, longer term major schemes and new infrastructure projects.

The LIP includes a performance monitoring plan relating to bus service reliability, principal roads asset condition, road traffic casualties, mode share and CO2 emissions.

Local Implementation Plan 2011-2014 [5MB] was approved at Cabinet and endorsed by the Mayor in 2011.

Environmental report

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been undertaken on the LIP to ensure that significant environmental effects arising from plans and programmes are identified and assessed. The SEA addresses mitigation, communication to decision makers, monitoring and public consultation.

The SEA contains the following information:

  • how environmental considerations have been integrated into the LIP
  • how the Environmental Report has been taken into account
  • how consultation responses have been taken into account
  • reasons for choosing the LIP as adopted, in light of other reasonable alternatives dealt with
  • measures that are to be taken to monitor the significant environmental effects of the implementation of the LIP

Delivery Plan 

The council was instructed to submit a further three year delivery plan setting out projects and programmes for the period 2014-2017. This requirement was successfully completed for each year.

The Mayor's Transport Strategy for 2017/18 is under review and yet to be finalised. Interim guidance requires an Annual Spending Submission for 2017/18 and advises boroughs plan their programmes based on 2016/17 funding levels. 

Note: Non-broadband users are recommended to view the documents at any local Hillingdon Library, Hayes One Stop Shop or Planning Reception (Civic Centre, 3 North).

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