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History and insignia

Learn about the history and regalia of the Mayor's office and see images of the mayors since 1965.

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Hillingdon's coat of arms includes features from the coats of arms of the four councils that amalgamated to form the borough. Hover over each part of the crest and a description will appear.
Medieval society was very hierarchical. The sort of clothes you wore illustrated your position in society.
The chain of office represents the responsibility, authority and dignity which are attached to the office of the Mayor.
The mace was a medieval hand-held weapon with a head made of metal spikes or ridges. It was designed for use against an enemy in heavy armour.
In the Mayor's parlour is a ceremonial bowl and cover, made from silver (partly gilt).
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The London Borough of Hillingdon first had a mayor in 1965. Below is a list of mayors from current day through to 1965. Some of the mayors tell us what they did during their year of office.
The history of local government in Hillingdon follows that of the rest of England, from the Saxons to the present day.
The origin of the office of the Mayor goes back to the days when the Mayor had much wider authority and power than they do today.
The town crier was an officer of the Borough court, who made announcements as required by his employers.
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