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Asbestos sheets removal

Asbestos cement roof sheeting has a very low asbestos content; the main material is Portland cement mixed with white asbestos (chrysotile) bound together to make it rigid.

You do not have to be a specialist licensed contractor to remove asbestos cement sheets from a garage or shed. If you, a member of your family or your builder are in a position to safely remove the roof sheets the following guidelines need to be strictly adhered to and the asbestos must be disposed of as 'hazardous waste'.


The following equipment can be bought at any good DIY store:

  • thick polythene sheeting (1000 gauge) to double wrap each roof sheet
  • gaffa/duct tape to tape the parcels up
  • garden type sprayer to keep the asbestos damp in order to minimise fibre release (not soaking wet as this will make the sheets slippery and hard to manage)
  • bucket and sponge - to wash hands, boots etc on completion of the work
  • disposable dust mask, overalls preferably with a hood, Wellington boots, gloves
  • you may also wish to wear eye protection in addition to the above

Preparing the work area

The roof sheets are fragile and they are not able to take the weight of a person.

  • Restrict access - minimise the number of people present
  • Close doors and windows of your property

Removal of the sheets and panels

Do not use any power tools for this work.

  • Avoid or minimise breaking the sheets/panels. 
  • Some will no doubt break but do not be alarmed, the asbestos fibres are not easily released from the material as it is highly bound within the matrix of the cement.
  • Unbolt or unscrew the roof sheet fixings but ensure that this is carried out one sheet at a time, then remove and place onto the polythene sheet.
  • Individually double wrap, tape and seal each sheet.


  • Check floor area for any signs of debris and bag up the debris as necessary.
  • Double bag asbestos debris - the bag must weigh no more than 10kg.
  • Remove your overalls, gloves and dispose of these into an asbestos waste bag.
  • Wash your hands, face, boots, etc (not inside your home but externally) with the bucket and sponge, clean any equipment used.

Waste disposal

Put all asbestos waste onto your driveway or if no driveway leave in the garden.

  • We offer a free service for the collection of up to six asbestos sheets or bags in a rolling twelve month period - additional collections within the 12 months will be charged for. 
    • An item is either one bag or one sheet. 
    • Any additional items are charged at a cost of £14.40 inc VAT per item.
    • Please telephone the Contact Centre on 01895 556000 to obtain an Onyx ID number and receive further details of who to contact to arrange for collection of your asbestos items.
  • Alternatively you can take the items to the West London Waste Authority, Abbey Road, Park Royal, NW10 7TJ.
    • The minimum charge is £54.40 for 200 kg and price per tonne is £272. 
    • Telephone: 020 8965 5497.

Further information

If you have any queries regarding the safe removal of asbestos materials please contact the Asbestos team on 01895 556000. 

The estimated cost for a contractor to carry out this work would be in the region of £600. 

You can find details of asbestos contractors on the HSE website.

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