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Benefit change in circumstances

If you are already receiving housing benefit with Hillingdon council,and your circumstances have changed, this may affect the amount we pay you.

Young couple with two children

You need to tell us about changes as soon as they happen.

If you do not tell us straight away you may lose out on housing benefit you are entitled to. For example if you do not tell us about an increase in rent we may not be able to amend your entitlement from the date of the rent increase.

Other changes may mean you are entitled to less housing benefit, for example if your income goes up because you have got a better paid job. If you do not tell us about the change straight away you will be paid too much benefit. When we find out about the change you will be asked to pay the money back.

What we need to know

You need to tell us if you, your partner, your non dependant or dependant child:

  • start or stop receiving benefit payments
  • start or stop receiving pension payments
  • start or stop receiving Tax Credits
  • start or stop working
  • become a full time student
  • leave school or education
  • have a change to the amount of income received i.e. wage increase/decrease
  • a change to the amount of savings, if your and your partners savings total over £6000.00
  • if you are going to be away from your property for four weeks or more (you need to let us know before you go away). Please check the temporary absence rules
  • someone moves in or out of your household
  • a new addition to your household, such as a new baby
  • your rent increases or decreases
  • you move home

We will normally need to see evidence of the change, please upload your evidence/documents to your change in circumstances form

Change in circumstances form 

If the evidence/documents are not currently available please complete and submit the change in circumstances form and provide the documents within one month using the providing additional documents form.

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