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CCTV in Hillingdon

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras operate in town centres, parks, car parks and housing estates.

CCTV View Eastcote

Find my nearest CCTV camera (under Transport)

Images from the council's cameras are used to detect, prevent or investigate crime and anti-social behaviour. 

Some examples of how the CCTV cameras can be used on a day-to-day basis include:

  • to make Hillingdon a safe and clean place in which to live, work and visit
  • to reduce anti-social behaviour, youth nuisance, drug and alcohol misuse and provide public reassurance
  • to gather evidence for use in prosecution of offenders and identify persons who commit offences
  • to gather evidence of 'Environmental crimes' such as graffiti, vandalism, littering and fly-tipping
  • to gather evidence of unlicensed street trading
  • to provide support during public events
  • to provide support to emergency services

Recorded images

Recordings from the CCTV cameras can be requested by police services and other authorities with a statutory power of prosecution. In criminal matters the police will make any necessary requests for recordings. It is not necessary for anyone involved in either reporting or witnessing a crime to request recordings themselves. Other than criminal proceedings if you have a need to view a recording then a request must be made in writing to the London Borough of Hillingdon giving the location, date and time as accurately as possible. Each request is taken on its merits and relevance. There is an administration charge and proof of identity and address is required before a still or digital copy is provided. 

To request a copy of recorded images please send an email to the CCTV team using the contact details on this page.

Portable CCTV

The council has cameras that can be moved from time to time to priority locations in the borough and there is a protocol for the deployment of portable CCTV [294KB].

Private cameras

The law regarding private individuals or businesses using CCTV is complex.  Making sure that all CCTV systems collect, record, store and share images in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 is the role of the Information Commissioner's Office.

If your camera covers, even partially, any areas beyond the boundaries of your property, such as neighbouring gardens or the street, then it may not be exempt from the Data Protection Act (DPA) under the domestic purposes exemption. If you cannot rely on the domestic purposes exemption, you will need to register with the ICO as a data controller.

Shops and businesses

Should follow the operational requirements when installing CCTV.

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