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Dumped rubbish (Fly-tipping)

Find out how to report dumped rubbish within a residential or business premises or any land public or private.

Fly tipping

Rubbish within a residential or business premises

We will investigate complaints of rubbish that has built up in the following areas:

  • within resident's boundary
  • a residential alley
  • a shared residential area

Action is only usually possible when rubbish is clearly left and producing the following issues:

  • a source of bad smells that can be hazardous to your health
  • attracting flies
  • harbouring rats and mice
  • causing a safety concern

Report it

What happens after

If the gathered rubbish is something we can take action about we will usually serve a statutory notice requiring the owner or occupier to remove and properly dispose of the rubbish within a specified time period which cannot usually be less than 21 days.

Failure to comply with the notice will result in either prosecution or the council doing the work in default of the person responsible and recharging the costs, including the cost of its officers in doing so.

Rubbish on any land (public or private)

Rubbish Fly tipping is illegally dumping rubbish anywhere, on any land with no intention of having it cleared. Being a criminal act the council take this action very seriously due to the effect it has upon the environment and surrounding residents.

A fly tip can be any refuse bag, bulky or loose material that has been dumped in a public space or left on land without the landowner's permission. Fly tipped items may include furniture and household rubbish (fridges, freezers, cookers), building rubble, carpeting, shopping trolleys, hazardous waste and any other items of refuse.

We will collect rubbish on council land such as:

  • roads
  • pavements
  • public car park
  • green space
  • council housing estates

 Report it here if you witnessed the rubbish being dumped

 Report here if you did not witness the rubbish being dumped

Help us identify the fly-tipper

Are you able to provide information that can identify the person(s) responsible?

 The following information will be requested:

  • full description of the incident including the precise locations
  • any vehicle registration numbers or identifying names or phone numbers
  • the name and address of the person(s) tipping the waste, if you know it
  • full description of the waste and whether you witnessed it actually being dumped
  • whether you think it is likely to happen again
  • any police reference numbers, if you have reported the incident to the police
  • how the incident has affected you

Areas we don't cover

  • Natural watercourses or rivers: rubbish in water must be reported and removed by the Environment Agency.
  • Grand Union Canal and towpaths: the Canal and River Trust are responsible for removal of rubbish in or around canals and on tow paths. 
  • Private land: private property owners are responsible for their own land and its clearance of any fly-tipping and keeping their land in a clean, tidy and sanitary condition. The council will not normally remove items from private land unless in default of a legal notice and at the expense of the property owner. Wherever possible, evidence will be gathered to show who deposited the waste and formal actions through the courts will be taken.

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