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Food hygiene rating

Food businesses in Hillingdon are rated under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, which has replaced Scores on the Doors.

Are you planning to eat out in the borough? Check the rating given to restaurants, pubs, cafés, takeaways, hotels, supermarkets and other food business.

Check the rating


Your business will be given a hygiene rating following a planned inspection by a food safety officer. Your hygiene rating depends on the standards of hygiene found at the time of the inspection.

The rating you are given will depend on:

  • how hygienically the food is handled
  • the condition of the structure of your premises
  • how you manage and record what you do to make sure food is safe

Check whether your business is within the scope of Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, this includes:

  • restaurants 
  • cafes
  • takeaways
  • sandwich shops
  • food retailers
  • schools, nurseries and residential care homes
  • cash and carry or wholesalers (where food is also supplied direct to consumers)
  • other places (where people eat food prepared outside of the home)

The aim is to provide information on hygiene standards to consumers in circumstances where they are making a choice about eating or purchasing food.

Certain businesses that supply food direct to consumers are, however, not given a rating because specific circumstances apply.

Specific circumstances

  • Low risk establishments eg newsagents, chemists shops (pre-packed confectionary or health foods only)
  • Businesses where food activity is only a small element of the food business
  • Certain establishments operating from private addresses (mainly childminders but also other caring services)

If you are out of scope of FHRS but you believe that the lack of a food hygiene rating is prejudicial to trade you may request a rating from the us.


If you think your hygiene rating is wrong or unfair, you must lodge an appeal within 14 days of being told what your hygiene rating is.

Appeal now

Right to reply

If you have improved hygiene standards since your inspection, or if there were unusual circumstances at the time of the inspection and you want to explain this to your customers, you should submit your improvements and it will be published with your hygiene rating at food hygiene rating website.

Submit improvements

Request a re-visit inspection

If you have made improvements to your hygiene standards and completed all of the matters highlighted to you by the inspecting officer since your last inspection, you will need to supply evidence of these improvements in your  request for a re-visit application [85KB]. If the evidence presented within your application is satisfactory, an authorised food safety officer will re-assess your business hygiene standards during an unannounced inspection and will then re-rate your business according to the standards found at the time of this requested inspection. Please note that your FHRS rating score may go up, stay the same, or could even go down depending on the conditions found at the time of the visit.

Following the submission of your application, you will be emailed a unique reference number which you'll need to quote when you call our office to make payment for this service.

The current charge for this service is: £239 per re-rating inspection.

To request a re-visit inspection, please submit your completed FHRS Re-rating application form and evidence (e.g. photos, scanned documents etc) to us at: foodhealthandsafety@hillingdon.gov.uk

Improving your rating and find out more 

If you want to improve your rating the ' How to get a good rating [56KB]' checklist will help you identify areas for improvement.

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